Betwixt and between

5th June 2012

A lunar eclipse, a Mars/Venus square, ruled by Mercury, trine to Saturn, and not forgetting the Chiron connection…

The eclipse leading into the Venus Transit has been all about how we go about relating, how we learn, teach, think about and communicate in relationships of all kinds. These are the issues highlighted by this eclipse mutable grand cross – lots of shifting energy between Sun/Venus, the Moon, Mars and Chiron. The houses activated in your personal chart will show where the focus of energy has been (btw, if you’ve been a bit prone to tears recently, and I know quite a few who have, it’s likely that Pisces Chiron is getting to you!)

At the same time Saturn is still guiding things from a position a little removed rather than getting involved in all the drama. Saturn is all about responsibility, honesty and integrity and in Libra he wants to highlight these qualities (or lack of them) in relationships and where sacrifices are expected, compromises – are these ok with you or do they ask too much? Saturn is also about putting in the work and has been asking you to look at how far you are prepared to work on your relationships, how far you are prepared to take responsibility for them working? Saturn in synastry/composite can indicate a relationship each party is prepared to work at and so it can become long lasting. Or it can indicate where the work needs to be done, but if one or neither party is prepared to do that the relationship won’t last, no matter how good the synastry etc.

Having looked at these issues with the recent Mercury conjunction followed by the challenge (square) from Mars, Venus is now about to dance across the face of the Sun; being revealed in her true light, ego structures dismantled – what do you honestly bring to relationships? What can they bring to you? How have you valued them? How have you cared for them? Re-evaluation, yes, but it’s not just about what we want from others in relationships, it’s also about you and the specific part you have played in the success or otherwise of your relationships; what you have learned and what, if anything, you are going to do differently? Then, as she moves back from the Sun she starts to activate the Chiron part of the eclipse grand cross – this will touch some really deep sensitivities and may well bring to light difficult to face hurts that have been preventing our relationships fulfilling their potential.

I have a great quote from a Hopi elder, referring to the shifts in consciousness at this time, in it he asks ‘are you in “right relationship”?’ This doesn’t mean are you in the right relationship? Or have you got the right relationship? It means, looking at all the relationships you are in; are they right? Are they carried out in the right way? Do you act with honesty and integrity? Are you prepared to work at them or do you approach them with complacency and arrogance?

Of course that honesty applies to ourselves first of all – what do we want from our relationships? Do we want someone to settle down with? Do we want someone to explore the world and distant horizons with? Do we want someone to challenge us spiritually? Or support us spiritually? Or maybe we are looking for someone to support us financially. Or just to hold us and comfort us… There’s nothing wrong with any of this, although it is important to remember relationships aren’t about making us whole, they are about bringing the potential into our lives so that together we can achieve more than we could alone. Maybe you really want to build a home together, or start a business with your complementary skills, or write a book… What can be wrong is not what we want, what we dream of achieving, but what we do – it is wrong to act in any of our relationships with dishonesty, disrespect, lack of care. That is the real lesson of Saturn and that is also the gentle reminder from Chiron. It’s not only how you hurt but how you might have hurt others – and what goes around comes around. If we are to really understand and take on board the deeper message of this Venus transit, the link to the Mayan prophecies and the heralded shift in consciousness, then that is where we need to start. Are you in right relationship?

The presence of eclipses during this Venus Rx reminds us that the nodes of the Moon are nearby, thus indicating a karmic or fated quality to what we are working through. Of course romantic and intimate relationships are not the only meaningful, soul-connected or karmic relationships there can be – look to activity on the houses in synastry and composite for clues there – e.g. 7th house activity with 10TH house connection might indicate more of a business partnership. 7th house with 4th house might indicate setting up home together. 7th house with 5th house might, if you are the right ages, indicate having children together, or it could indicate a creative project you need to work on together. 9th house and 5th house is a spiritually creative relationship and so on…

As always, astrology gives us pointers but it is the map, not the territory – you will know as you move through your life with others whether you are in ‘right relationship’ – if you aren’t it will be difficult to come together in the ways you want to, instead it will always be as if there is a different kind of relationship trying to get out. If you are in ‘right relationship’ it will blossom and flower with the attention and care you give it. But in either case, if you don’t give attention and care any relationship will wither and die, no matter how good the synastry. I’ve definitely seen that in my own relationships, especially more recently as Saturn has been showing that out-of-bounds Venus of mine a thing or two. I guess also the eclipse brought home to me that it isn’t worth spending time or care on any kind of relationship if the other person isn’t also willing to do that – it all becomes a bit unreal or fake, and Saturn doesn’t like fakes!


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