Mars flashpoint

29th May 2012

Post from 29th May

Today Mars returns to the flashpoint degree, the degree where Mars opposes the Sun (NB Mars is always Rx when he opposes the Sun). Here is a link to a post I made about this back in December when Mars first passed this degree – it’s basically a cut and paste from a really interesting Erin Sullivan article:

In her book ‘Retrograde Planets’ Sullivan says:

The opposition externalises interior energy which has been gestating and cooking in the unconscious… (it) highlights the two houses in which one has been experiencing a build up of energy, whether hostile or constructive.

And a little later:

In matters of love and war, it is said, all is fair. When the war is between love of self and self-combat I should think this axiom is apt. When mars retrogresses, a degree of personal power and control is lost in the area across which it is traversing to and fro. This loss of command has to do with establishing an equilibrium, or creating ‘fairness’ in a psychic sense. Ranting and raving does not seem to be effective, whereas relinquishing what is meant to be free does. Inspiration often goes underground, only to resurface upon the direction of Mars with a new and more realistic goal. It is as if the battle between conscious will and unconscious intent needs to take place in extreme privacy and secrecy, revealing itself only when the victor is assured of its supremacy. In this case the battle is between the conscious self and the unconscious Self, that mysterious aspect of the psyche which contains the power to direct one’s life-force.

It is interesting to me that the first pass over this degree happened immediately following last December’s lunar eclipse and it returns just before the June 4th lunar eclipse. The symbolism suggests to me that the eclipses see the passing of something, making way for the new vision that Mars will bring as he emerges from his Rx journey. The seeds to realise that vision were sown during the May 21st solar eclipse and will become fully realised as Mars moves on out of his shadow, gathering pace now to get back to his usual speed.

This is the physical, active, willed, Mars aspect – meanwhile Venus Rx is asking us to ensure that we are aligned also with a spiritual vision and an understanding of the role others have to play and how our actions affect them. The body and the will is doing the work, but it is done in order to allow the heart to expand.

Oh, and it is very creative, note the Venus square Mars on lunar eclipse day!


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