Mercury meets Venus

2nd June 2012

So, where are we now? The next major aspect is Mercury trine Saturn on Monday (Sunday for those of you across the pond). This is another scene in the tale of Mercury and Venus as just before Venus went Rx it looked like she was going to perfect a trine with Saturn. Even after she went Rx Saturn was still keen and they continued to get closer – less than 1½ minutes apart. But it never quite came off. Instead, Mercury having just caught up with Venus heads into the Saturn trine instead. This is significant, especially in the light of issues about Saturn and relationships. Maybe Mercury goes to tell Saturn not to worry, Venus will be back, she’s just got some ‘stuff’ to sort out first… (like a lunar eclipse, a square to Mars and a transit across the Sun – phew!).

It’s interesting that Mercury and Venus are ‘out of bounds’ for this conjunction, meaning their declination is greater than the Sun can ever reach. Often out of bounds planets are thought to be somehow wild or uncontrollable…. well my Venus is out of bounds and it’s true she bows to no law other than that of her own heart. Wild and untameable maybe, but not in a vicious, wild-cat kind of way, more like a deer – well that would make sense as Diana is the goddess I like best and along with Juno makes a nice grand air trine in my chart. I like that Diana (#78) and Juno have been hanging out together this past while, crossing through the NN together and sitting there right opposite the solar eclipse in May, though their part in the story is yet to become clear. Anyway, because Mercury and Venus meet ‘out of bounds’ it does suggest that ideas and solutions to problems emerging from this time could be unconventional and not quite what is expected.

The other goddess who seems very much embroiled in all this is Psyche (#16) who has been spending time with Mars while he’s been on his go-slow. By now he should have a pretty good idea of what Psyche (soul mate love, perseverance, rejection and winning through) is all about and now he’s about to square up to Venus…


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