The dance of Venus

1st June 2012

For those of you like me who enjoy tracking the movement of the planets as they weave their dance through the skies, today is a very interesting day. And for those of you like me who like to try to tune into the energy of the planets to bring about positive change and development, today is a powerful learning day.

Today we see Mercury conjunct Venus at 18+ Gemini, the same degree as last December’s lunar eclipse. This is suggestive of hearing something or learning something that echoes out from that time and will help to make sense or bring to conscious understanding what was going on then. As Mercury also rules this series of retrogrades it will also help to shed some light on the story they are spinning, some hint of the overall theme and the outcome they reach towards. Those of you with planets, points or angles at 18+ Gemini or Sagittarius will be especially sensitive to this, but any planets or points around the 18+ point will feel the ripples and all of us, if we keep ourselves open and aware we pick up the signals. Messages could come through something you hear, something you read, a thought that pops up out of nowhere. With Venus Rx it could be from someone you once knew, or even just their memory…

Also, perhaps you remember back towards the beginning of November last year – Venus and Mercury got oh so close in Sagittarius, opposite the Venus stationing direct degree of 7+ Gemini. Mercury slowed down before perfecting that conjunction, getting ready to turn retrograde and introducing the current round of eclipses and retrogrades that we are now in. Was there something promising at the beginning of November but which was never fulfilled, never quite came off? Something that got disrupted or thrown off course? It is possible that now is the time that sees that something start to deliver on its promise – but things have moved on and look different from the way they were back then, the promise could be fulfilled, but not quite in the way you were expecting.

BUT, even though that November Mercury Rx seemed to spark off the current round of eclipses and retrogrades it’s not really where this story began, for that we have to look back to last August when Mercury and Venus were conjunct – on the Venus superior conjunction degree no less! The preceding Venus Rx had started at 13+ Scorpio in October 2010 and moved back into Libra – some real soul searching there around relationships, sharing, power, needs etc. The superior conjunction came, with Mercury joining in, at 23+ Leo (that 23 degree again!!!) last August. It’s like Mercury, Venus and the Sun got together for a confab and said ‘OK, so that’s how things ‘should be’ in terms of relationships – now let’s turn everything upside down and inside out and see what we come out with’ – (not forgetting Saturn is shedding his serious and thoughtful light on Libra ‘relationship’ issues all this while)!

Well, hang onto your hats because it’s not over yet, but at least by now we should have a pretty good idea what’s going on and today should bring something that starts to tie it all together and make sense of it all. With this conjunction at the ‘head point’ of the 2004 – 2012 retrogrades and the resolution of one of the ‘foot’ points there are questions about whether we are walking the walk or just talking the talk and a challenge for us to do both if we are doing only one and not the other.


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