Mars square the Sun

Well, apart from learning our emotional lessons and finding ways to make these lessons meaningful in our lives we also have to contend with the Sun squaring up to Mars. First Venus squared Mars, then she met right up with the Sun (must have told the Sun a thing or two about how rotten Mars had been to her) and now the Sun is giving Mars a piece of his mind. But how might this be reflected in our human lives?

Sometimes there has to be a bit of spice to life… that’s what Mars is saying, he’s pretty much up to full speed now and starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel of his Rx phase. So, Sun having conversed first with Mercury back at the end of May when they both met up on the Venus SD degree. Then hosting Venus as she danced backwards across his light, now comes across the energy of Mars, squaring him from Virgo and feeling ever so just a little argumentative and challenging. All this spiritual stuff is all right, but it’s all so earnest, where’s the fun, the joy, the passion? Well, you can’t really blame Mars for that, he’s been working really hard all through this year. So, time for a little crossing of swords and a little of that creative tension and ‘discussion’ that can lead to new ways of doing things. Remember though the lessons that have been learned – passion and spice are all very nice, but hurting people, arrogance and pride are not. Often with a challenging Mars these last can leak out a bit too easily, so remember to think before you speak and make sure that what you say does genuinely come from your heart.

At this time Venus is back on the lunar eclipse degree going over the things that came to light then, so if there were any events or issues that happened in your life just three or so days ago these might get looked at again right now, but with it being an eclipse and with Venus going Rx this new look will probably be quiet and contemplative, maybe not even noticeable above the posturing of Mars and his vibrant energy as he tells the Sun he’s tired of all this carefulness and he just wants to have some fun! Well never mind, seeds sown now will bear fruit later, meanwhile why not let Mars spread a bit of fiery passion around?


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