Mercury into Cancer

Mercury is the planet that rules the current round of retrogrades (Mars through Virgo and then Venus through Gemini, and still to come Jupiter through Gemini), which means it really is all about how we communicate, listen and learn. And with the Venus retrograde mirroring the Mars retrograde it’s all about relationships between the sexes and between what we might call the yin and yang energies, or Shiva/Shakti. It’s about complements rather than confrontations and how we bring complementary influences into our lives – especially through our relationships with others. What can others bring to you that can help to bring out the best in each of you and help you to achieve something greater than just the sum of your parts?

With Mercury moving into Cancer communications, learning, understanding will take on a less intellectual tone, become more tuned into what we are feeling and how to understand that. It will help to bring the head and the heart together and articulate emotions without over-intellectualising them. Mercury is in Cancer right up until June 26th, entering Leo just as Venus stations direct. This suggests that the next 2 or 3 weeks are a really good time to reflect on the emotional lessons we have learned over the past few weeks and start trying to understand them so that when Venus goes forward again we are in a good place to put our learning into action. Keeping a journal would be helpful with this – anything mercurial in fact so writing emails or letters to people (even if you don’t send them), conversations with friends, reading books that help you think through these emotional lessons – over the next two and a half weeks all these will be especially productive activities.


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