Jupiter into Gemini

Tomorrow, Monday June 11th at 17:23GMT, Jupiter enters Gemini where he will remain until the end of June next year. Jupiter’s energies are generous, optimistic, with a feel of everyone’s favourite uncle. Having said that Jupiter isn’t a massively sensitive planet and his enthusiasm and expansiveness can easily expand sensitivities, difficulties and mistakes. While Jupiter is in Gemini he is likely to increase all Gemini related activities, life will get busier with more short trips, information coming in, ideas, conversations, meetings – possibly even to the point of overload. Jupiter in Gemini demands careful information management and planning-in time to think, to avoid overload and burn-out.

Jupiter energies are important in the ways our lives are unfolding at this time in three different ways:

First, as Jupiter moves into Gemini he immediately contacts the degree of the May 21st solar eclipse. Eclipses can work in many different ways but if they happen on an important part of your chart they will almost inevitably set things in motion that take your life in a different and often unexpected direction. Jupiter moving onto the eclipse degree is likely to bring to the fore where these changes are likely to take place. If you get events or ideas or opportunities that are a bit unusual for you over the next week or so then pay attention – it could just be Jupiter giving you a hint of things to come. And with it being Jupiter, if these ideas or opportunities etc get you excited, then have the confidence to follow them up!

Second, Jupiter is an important player in this year’s round of retrograde movements – I write about this in more detail in the article ‘Retrogrades and Eclipses 2011 – 2013’. In brief, Jupiter is the planet who makes the final retrograde moves through mutable signs, bringing some sense of closure to the changes and shifts in energy and general sense of uncertainty and lack of direction that some of us have been feeling since the beginning of this year.

Third, Jupiter has an as yet not quite obvious part to play in the current Venus retrograde through Gemini, even more than just a general sense of going over things. Jupiter and Venus are locked into an intricate dance that goes back to mid-March of this year. Back then, Venus and Jupiter met up in Taurus – some of you might have noticed the very beautiful spectacle of them in our evening skies. Having met up Venus then raced through Gemini, until she was one whole sign away from Jupiter – she was at 23˚Gemini and he was at 23˚Taurus – where she stopped and turned back on herself. Now, as Jupiter enters Gemini she is heading back towards him and they almost meet up, getting closer than 4˚apart. But the South Node of the Moon sits between them, symbolic of karmic issues from the past that prevent them getting together at this time. Instead Venus heads back on through Gemini and does a whole cycle through the skies before next year the two do meet up again at 23˚Gemini, signifying something coming to fruition, reaching its promise. That something could have been begun back in March this year and there could be hints of its returning over the next couple of weeks, but the time isn’t quite right so it doesn’t come off – if you have something like that in your life have faith, next year everything looks good for the promise to be fulfilled!

Jupiter, Venus, Moon March 2012


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