Chiron stations retrograde – the Venus/Jupiter connection

For such a small thing Chiron can certainly pack a massive punch, but then he is rather special and the movements he makes through the skies are unique in the solar system. Chiron has a very eccentric orbit that links together those two massive forces of Saturn and Uranus – in astrological terms tying together the personal, individual influences into the worldly and general influences.

In mythology Chiron was the child of an illicit union between Saturn and a nymph, when he was caught in the act by his wife Saturn turned himself into a stallion and fled. The nymph, however, was pregnant and later gave birth to a child whose form was half human and half horse. Saturn was horrified at this and rejected his son who lived in exile teaching heroic arts to young men. Whilst he was doing this he was accidentally wounded by a poison arrow – for mortals the wound would have killed them, however Chiron, being the son of a God was immortal and instead endured continuing, endless and incurable pain until he sacrificed his immortality, offering to die in place of Prometheus.

In this myth we can see the stories behind the astrological symbolism of Chiron – the rejection from his father instead of turning into bitterness and self-pity became the source of compassion and wisdom – Chiron was regarded as one of the greatest and kindest teachers. He is also symbolic of a painful wound which never heals but which can generate deep compassion for others also in pain.

As a link between Saturn and Uranus Chiron also sits in an interesting position in the skies at the moment, especially given the current retrograde motion of Venus. Uranus was the original sky God, born of the Earth and the sky. His mate was also Gaia, the Earth, but he hated the children she bore him and was cruel to them. Saturn, one of those children, helped out his mother by castrating Uranus and throwing his genitals into the sea – and from those genitals Venus was born. And now Chiron, who understands pain, sorrow and rejection, forms a link between Saturn and Uranus, indicating that there may be ways that ancient rifts can be healed – in ordinary human terms, that there are ways to link our individual lives meaningfully to a more universal and eternal purpose and vision.

At present Chiron is squared by Venus – Venus, the progeny of that struggle between Uranus and Saturn is travelling backwards in the skies, reaching into the deepest parts of her psyche and learning lessons about how she has reached out to the world in the past – Venus is all about our connection to the world, whether through things, money, people and the square to Chiron can uncover some uncomfortable truths but at the same time bring some compassionate understanding to bear on them.

Chiron is also doing another interesting thing in his movements at the moment – whilst he squares Venus he also moves backwards now to square Jupiter who has just entered Gemini. Venus and Jupiter look as though they’ll meet up soon, but they don’t quite manage it. Chiron, however, forms a link between them with first the square to Venus and then the square to Jupiter.  Chiron hangs on in there right through Jupiter’s retrograde through Gemini, forming the final major aspect with Jupiter before he turns direct and moves on to finally meet up with Venus next year.

Whilst a Venus square to Chiron indicates learning lessons about the way we relate to the world and to one another, a Jupiter square to Chiron is more connected to such things as justice, fairness, philosophy and expanding the mind to explore and understand different points of view and other ways of doing things. To me this looks like the start of a radical reappraisal of our spiritual or philosophical beliefs, indicating that Venus and Jupiter can’t come together until not only have we understood things about how we relate to the world but we have integrated that learning into our core belief system. With a Chiron influence this is not likely to be an easy thing, and will require some work over the coming months but it is necessary if we are to fulfil the promise of these times and, as Chiron always wants to do, link our individual energies into a greater purpose.


An interesting additional article about the role of Jupiter in the current planetary dance – looking at Jupiter and Ceres can be found at WhiteFeather astrology:

More on Chiron:


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