Mercury trine Chiron

I write below about how Chiron is forming a link between Venus and Jupiter, a relationship that seems it has a lot of ground to cover over the coming months. Right now Chiron is also making a trine to Mercury, the planet that rules the retrogrades of this year. A trine is a harmonious aspect and indicates an easy flowing of energy, so at the moment there is an easy flowing of energy between Chiron, symbolic of hurts and compassion, and Mercury, planet of learning, teaching and communication. In fact, both Mercury and Chiron are about teaching, but in different ways – Mercury bears messages with the information we need to learn while Chiron instructs us in how to go about actually doing that.
Both planets are in watery signs which show that the messages and lessons are connected to watery things in our lives – emotions, the mystical, dreams and so on. So there is a gentle, pleasant conversation going on between Mercury and Chiron about these watery themes and what lessons need to be taught – and how well we have learned our lessons so far.
Don’t forget that Mercury is just coming out of that rather tense t-square formation with Uranus and Pluto – communications might have been tense, demanding, not flowing quite as easily as we might like. Just prior to that Mercury was trining Neptune – planet of the watery theme par excellence! It seems Mercury picked up some ideas or vibrations from Neptune but then immediately got into choppy waters and realised that it wouldn’t be as easy as he expected to communicate these ideas. Now he is having a conversation with Chiron about the best way to go about doing this. Chiron then seems to take on the task by working with Venus and Jupiter in Mercury ruled Gemini.
To me there is a definite spiritual or mystical energy behind this, an urge to better mesh the physical and spiritual worlds, and it’s not just about thinking noble thoughts – it’s about making it a reality in our everyday lives, making the spiritual life more visible and tangible. The Uranus/Pluto square test out the ideas to strengthen them – and will continue to do so as the personal planets move through that formation, meanwhile Chiron works consistently to bring it all together. Our thoughts, intuitions and inspirations of the past couple of days bear a hint of things to come, but they won’t come to fruition without putting in the effort and possibly making some painful mistakes along the way.


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