Sun trine Saturn

As I write this the Sun in Gemini is trine Saturn in Libra, perfecting the aspect in a couple of hours. As I said below with Mercury trine Chiron, trines are harmonious flowing aspects that suggest an easy combining of energies – in this case the bright self-confidence and assuredness of the Sun with the steady perseverance and responsibility of Saturn. Together these create a time that is should be productive, getting things done in a fairly easy way, dealing with those tasks that you just haven’t managed to get done recently, or have put off for some reason.

Both planets are in air signs so it should be a day of good ideas and consistent communications, business or other meetings with partners should work well and come up with good and workable solutions to any problems or obstacles that have been identified. Saturn also puts realistic limits on the ambitions of the Sun which makes it easier to achieve things today as we are less likely to overstretch ourselves as a result of thinking we are capable of more than we realistically are.

This highly enhanced color view of Saturn’s rings was assembled from clear, orange and ultraviolet frames obtained 17 August 1981 from a distance of 8.9 million km (5.5 million miles). (From the NASA website)

All in all a good time for meetings, conversations, phone calls, letter writing – it’s a bit serious in tone, that’s Saturn for you, he does take things very seriously. But at the same time it feels good to get some of those things ticked off the list without them being too difficult and without others getting in the way.


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