New Moon in Gemini – thoughts for the weekend

While the Moon makes her way through Taurus and on into Gemini there are a couple of things worth thinking about over the weekend, before that New Moon comes along.

This New Moon is interesting for a couple of reasons – first, Mars leaves his shadow. Ever since mid-November last year Mars has been a bit frustrated, it was at that time that he entered what we call his ‘shadow’, which is that part of the skies through which he will travel backwards during his retrograde phase. The shadow reaches back from the point he turned to go backwards to the point at which he goes forwards – this year it was the 20˚ from 23˚ back to 3˚ Virgo. While he is in this zone he often comes up against things which need to be re-done, re-thought or which simply don’t move forward in the way he hoped and he has to go back over. Mars is now finally leaving that zone and his energy becomes freed up once again. For this to happen on a New Moon seems very symbolic and auspicious in terms of now moving forward with plans that have previously been frustrated. Hooray!

However, in the same New Moon chart there is a different interaction going on that we also need to think about. Venus looks as though she’s going to meet up with Jupiter and also make contact with Neptune via a square aspect. However, one week after the New Moon it is Jupiter that makes the square to Neptune and Venus, instead of meeting up with Jupiter turns on her heels and moves forwards and away from him. This is very suggestive of something that looks really promising at the moment just seeming to evaporate into thin air (although as I note in the ‘retrogrades’ article, this is not the end of the story). With Venus being involved it is likely to be something Venus related – it could be a way of making money that has recently reappeared or re-occurred to you, revitalising a project to beautify (yourself, your home), or a past relationship which you have been thinking about a lot.

So, maybe over the weekend it’s a good time to think about projects you want to do, things you want to do that require a lot of action, energy and dynamism and set plans in place to really get these moving. At the same time it’s worth sorting these Mars related projects from Venus related issues and considering whether the Venus ideas really do hold the promise you’re hoping they do or whether you might just be wasting all that good Mars energy if you focus on them.


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