Slow Moon Friday

Today we have what I call a ‘slow moon’ day as she slowly wends her way through Taurus, a sign where she feels pretty happy and relaxed. She makes a flowing trine aspect to Pluto and an easy sextile to Chiron – it could feel like a bit of a respite, or a soothing touch if you’ve been feeling the harder influence of those planets recently. Later she’ll make a gentle sextile to Mercury, but until then she’ll just potter on. And pottering is a good thing to do today – Taurus is an earth sign so quite capable of getting things done, indeed it’s a sign that likes hard work, but with a lazy moon there it’s all going to happen in her own good time, she’s not in a mood to be rushed today.

She’s a waning Moon, on her way to becoming a new Moon in Gemini after the weekend, and waning moons are not the best times to start something new, although they’re good for following up on things and even better for planning all the things you do want to do come next week. The lazy energy of the day will also feel frustrating to anyone who’s involved in activities that require speed and much activity – if you’re involved in anything like that today could just feel like ‘one of those days’ when nothing quite goes to plan. But it’s ok, she’s out of the way of the harsher aspects in the skies at the moment, so even if it is a frustrating day for some of you it shouldn’t feel too bad and you’ll be able to laugh at it later.

This mood continues for the next couple of days – make the most of it as on Sunday she heads into Gemini, reminding us of issues and situations we’ve dealt with recently that haven’t been so easy and asking us to make decisions about what we’re going to do about it. Until then though, see if you can’t just spend some time watching the flowers grow, the clouds float or, if you’re up early enough, the old crescent Moon closing in on Jupiter just before dawn.

Old crescent Moon at dawn, Kazakhstan, launch of Soyuz rocket – from NASA website


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