A few more thoughts…

Now the Moon has moved onto Gemini. In fact, while I was sleeping she moved through May’s solar eclipse degree at 0˚Gemini and while I was making my breakfast she met up with Jupiter – sadly there was no point me getting up early to try to see her connect with Jupiter as the skies at the moment seem permanently cloudy, maybe tomorrow morning I’ll catch her as she comes out of her rendezvous with Gemini. Very soon she will make a square to Neptune. Neptune and the Moon get on pretty well although they can be a little self-indulgent when they get together and with it being a square aspect things can get a little emotional or moody – but this is the Moon so it doesn’t last long. Next she’ll make a nice little sextile to Uranus, planet of excitement – that’s a nice energy for a trip out if you have anything planned for today. Then she’ll be on her way to connect with Venus and so put a little lunar energy into that t-square Venus is making with Chiron – again, a little emotional and moody, but temporary, just reminding us of things we have been through recently and the need to be clear what we are going to do about it. That sets the tone for Sunday; maybe a little contemplative, maybe a little moody, maybe wanting to talk things through (or write about them) – after all this is a Gemini Moon and Gemini does like to practice the arts of communication.

Apart from that, things are pretty quiet up there – while Venus and Chiron have been closely tied into that square together and both moving in the same direction (backwards) things have felt a little calmer lately. Watch for these two over the next week though; as Venus starts to pull away out of the square things could get a little tense or hurtful again, reminding us that some issues are still not resolved. She starts to feel caught between the lessons of Chiron and the expansive optimism of Jupiter. There’s also the little matter of the South Node (indicator of karmic lessons from the past) – Venus really wants to get together with Jupiter but she’s reminded on all sides that there are ‘issues’. And remember what I wrote below about Venus in the New Moon – things are not as they seem with her so in matters to do with relationships, art, money and even your self-esteem it’s best to take things slowly and watch to see how they play out over the next few days. However you’re feeling – sad about lost opportunities, sorry over things you’ve done, excited about promising new prospects – don’t force the issue, let things work out in their own good time and remember to spend a little time appreciating the beauty in this world.


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