Behind the scenes – Chiron and Lilith

As the Moon gets really close to the Sun, as Saturn slows down ready to resume forwards motion for the first time in months, as Venus also slows down ready to resume forwards motion after her deep delving of the retrograde phase and as Mars gets ready to leave his shadow, it seems a good time to think about what direction we are taking our lives in, how we want them to unfold over time. New Moons are great times for pondering such things and with all those various energies ready to move on there won’t be many better times to do this for a while.

As some of you have noticed I have been interested in the interplay between Venus and Chiron and his role in the developments of these times. I have also been exploring the role of Lilith in the current Venus cycle and have noted how Lilith and Chiron share some qualities as regards learning and growing through the experience of rejection and hurt. In the current movements in the skies the connection behind these two is not so obvious, but they are each making significant connections to key areas at the same time, suggesting that behind the scenes they are working together.

Whilst Chiron is currently making a square to Venus, something many have noticed in their emotional lives, he is also applying to a sextile to Pluto, ruler of the underworld, the hidden depths, of transformation and rebirth. This is a slow moving aspect, gradually intensifying over the coming months until it perfects in early September. And it is a harmonious aspect, from this angle the energies work well together, they flow. With Pluto in Capricorn, sign of hard work, responsibility, perseverance and Chiron in the sign of mysticism, dreams and poetry it seems we have an opportunity to build into our working lives some sense of spiritual fulfilment. The power of Pluto grafting in the stony depths of Capricorn, combined with the vision of Chiron inspired by Neptune is very evocative of situations that carry a sense of duty or responsibility providing a means to greater spiritual awareness, probably through some sense of sacrifice of self to the greater good. The next few months are a good time to start thinking about how your working life and your ambitions can further your sense of connection to that greater good.

Interestingly, and importantly – and remembering that it was Pluto who abducted Persphone (another aspect of Venus) carrying her off to the underworld – at the same time as this slow moving sextile between Pluto and Chiron perfects Venus moves to mirror the pattern by forming a sextile with Lilith. Unlike the more settled energy of the slow moving Pluto/Chiron sextile this is a more turbulent aspect, it is formed by the faster moving Venus and takes place just as Lilith is moving from Taurus into Gemini and Venus is moving from Cancer into Leo. What is more, Lilith has also just moved over the South Node, indicator of karmic lessons from the past. However, it is a sextile and so the two are working well together. It is the South Node that stands between Venus and Jupiter at the moment; those karmic lessons from the past are not for Venus, they are for Jupiter – he must pass through them first, then Lilith will pass through as Venus forms a sextile to her. Considering the signs involved all this is suggestive of much movement in terms of home, neighbourhood and family, maybe even upheavals – if you are thinking about moving it could well happen around about this time, or there could be events that make you realise you need to move. This needs to be matched with a sense of dedication to work and duties and the spiritual vision of Chiron.

All in all, this looks like we could be setting the foundations for a more productive and fulfilling home and work life over the coming few months with Chiron and Lilith moving behind the scenes to ensure we address deep seated hurts and needs through what we put into place in our lives. For me there are two key words to associate with Chiron and Lilith – for Chiron is it ‘compassion’ and for Lilith it is ‘integrity’ focusing on developing compassionate ambitions for our working lives and acting with integrity in our home and family lives is the way to bring the best out of these energies, and the New Moon is a great time to contemplate that.

Pluto sextile Chiron


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