New Moon Sabian Symbols

I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the Sabian symbols for the new moon in reference to recent topics, taken together they are very evocative of an evolution and joyful break through in spiritual expressiveness and sense of purpose, very nice for a New Moon:


New Moon is at 29 Gemini:


KEYNOTE: The creative exuberance of the human soul in response to basic life experiences.

The mockingbird is able to imitate sounds he hears, but actually he does more than imitate, for he weaves all these sounds into melodies which at times can have joyous amplitude and instinctively creative spontaneity. The symbol refers to the capacity which the talented individual has to take collective material and to transform it under the urge of biological productivity and instinctual love. The song rises, powered by these great natural drives, very much as so-called popular songs rise from the youthful soul in response to deep personal or social emotions.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence, what is presented to us symbolically is the reaction of the individual who has become sensitive to many life currents in his environment and who is able to exteriorize this welling-up response as a gift to his society, displaying VIRTUOSITY.


Venus is at 9 Gemini:


KEYNOTE: Man’s aggressive relationship to natural life, as a basis for survival and conquest.

The bow and arrows represent symbolically man’s ability to extend the scope of his conquest of nature and to kill enemies in order to build a larger base for the collective development of a culture and an organized society. Implied in the symbol of the arrow is the piercing of a target. The mind of man is essentially a trans-piercing power; it goes through the object toward which it is aimed. It seeks to go through and beyond the obstacles on its path, and this usually implies the destruction of the obstacle. At a higher level — as in the Zen practice of archery — the obstacle is the ego.

At this fourth stage of the fourteenth five-fold sequence of phases in the cyclic process of human existence we are shown the archetypal symbol of Man, the Conqueror. It may be a conquest of outer nature, or that of instinctual drives and of the limiting power of the ego. It is always CONQUEST.


BML is at 21 Taururs:


KEYNOTE: Learning to discern what in your culture and religion is meaningful to you personally.

This symbol evokes the traditional practice, when one is in need of guidance, of opening at random a Sacred Book (for Christians, the Bible) and spontaneously placing one’s finger on a paragraph. We are parts of a cultural-religious whole, and every whole has a message for its many parts, if these are willing to submit their little wills to the great meaning and destiny of the whole. In an even broader sense, the open mind can learn to detect “signatures” in many events which he has allowed to occur. The too great reliance on repeated symbolizations can lead to a schizoid state of over-subjective dependence upon signs and omens.

This is the first stage of the eleventh five-fold sequence of symbolic phases in the general process of “Differentiation” (Act One). By relying on cultural guidance a person identifies himself with a differentiated type of collective response to a particular environment. It is a state of SUBSERVIENCE TO COLLECTIVE VALUES.


You can look up more here if you want to explore your own personal placements:


And always my favourite write-up:



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