Happy Solstice!!!

Happy solstice! Today the Sun enters Cancer and the nights start getting longer here in the Northern hemisphere while in the Southern hemisphere the days start getting longer.

Today Mars leaves his shadow – he has now finished the jobs he needed to do during the recent retrograde phase and is free to move forward once more, this should see a freeing up of energy to do more things we want to do rather than things we are obliged to do.

Also today Venus sextiles Uranus and together they hint at the eventual outcome of some of these retrograde comings and goings as Uranus is on the degree where Venus meets up with the Sun again in March next year. Little hints and tasters as to where current developments are taking you, some of which may well surprise you, they may be quite different from the direction you thought your life was going in. With Uranus tied into that cardinal square with Pluto this hints at revolutionary changes but the sextile from Venus brings pleasant surprises and not simply struggle and turmoil. Looking to the signs each planet is in helps to understand more of the detail – Venus in Gemini is all about communication, letters, conversations, short trips to do with Venusian themes such as love, money or the arts. Uranus in Aries is about new ways of viewing yourself and understanding your place and power in the world. Maybe taken together some ideas or inspiration about better ways of relating that might take you by surprise, but in a nice way. Then we have the coming 9 months to develop these and make them real in our lives. Nine months… human gestation period… these things we sense in embryo now can grow into full human form in these coming months.



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