The shifting sands of time

Life is in a continual state of flux, always changing, impermanent, shifting, all great religions have noticed this and the pain or difficulty it causes humanity as we strive to achieve some sense of certainty or stability in our lives – stability which always seems to just slip away somehow. This sense of flux and instability, the shifting sands of time, is reflected in the skies where the movements of the planets never ceases. Right now we have a couple of days where everything slows down, takes a really deep breath and waits…


The Sun is applying in a nice, lazy trine to Neptune, casting a bit of a haze over everything – a bit of a romantic, rosy glow that might (or might not) be hiding some of the harsher realities of these times. It’s a dreamy aspect, from watery signs and likely to heighten emotions – combined with all the rather tense energies in the skies at the moment those who are heavily influenced by water might find themselves more tearful than usual, or more sensitive to others, more open to vibrations. If you are one of these try not to do anything that will make your nerves feel too raw – eat and drink soothing, calming foods, listen to calm music, or read uplifting books. There’s a lot to deal with right now and it can all start to feel a bit overwhelming. The trine from Sun to Neptune can also help us to tune into higher, spiritual messages at this time so anything that lifts your awareness from the mundane should be especially productive.

The tension of the square between Uranus and Pluto is just reaching its height, people around you might be on edge as this tense aspect colours the feeling that something’s about to happen, that something needs to change. It feels maybe a bit like a brewing storm, the pressure builds – will it rain? Will there be lightning? That depends how well you cope with this sense of tension – tempers can fray, frustrations can bubble to the surface, you can try to stay centred and search for the revolutionary creative energy this brings rather than the revolutionary destructive energy. If you feel slightly angry, bad tempered by you don’t know what, or reacting negatively to people it might be a good  idea not to drink too much coffee or alcohol, or to eat too much sugar right now!

Whilst the square between Uranus and Pluto is applying so is another square, this time between Jupiter and Neptune. The energies of these planets is not so aggressive and jarring as that with Uranus and Pluto and so the effects of this square could be quite easy to miss or could lead to some confusion about what is actually going on with your life. While Uranus and Pluto are demanding some kind of revolutionary change Jupiter and Pluto are squaring up on philosophical and mystical grounds. Established ideas are being challenged by more unorthodox ones, the rule of reason is being questioned by the insights and inspiration of poetry and music. It is a time of questioning whether religious practices really serve the spiritual purposes they are intended to serve. Is it possible to keep what is valuable of the old ideas and bring in new ones so that our spiritual lives are once again fully nurtured? How can we combine mystical insights with logic and come up with something meaningful and practical for our everyday lives?

Then just as the slowly building tension between Uranus and Pluto and Jupiter and Neptune reaches a peak, Saturn, old man of the skies, slowly starts to turn around and head forwards, back through the places he’s been taking to task ever since February. And Saturn is a hard task master, whatever he turns his attention to he really looks at sternly, seeing where there have been excesses, excuses and attempts to avoid responsibility – then he teaches tough lessons about what happens when we do these things, when we don’t take responsibility, don’t work hard and try to make excuses for ourselves. Since February he has been passing back through the later degrees of Libra, a sign that is all about relationships – so his rather stern and unbending eye has been cast on how we relate to one another and how we take responsibility for the state of our relationships. These relationships might be intimate, or friendships, or business partnerships and so on, that will depend more on the part of your own, personal chart he is moving through. What has been a common theme though is a sense of increased responsibility, maybe increased burdens or restrictions as regards some relationships, some sense of heaviness, some relationships may have gone from your life altogether, leaving a sense of loss or emptiness. All this is about to start to shift, but slowly, and provided you have paid attention to Saturn will start to see some improvement, some lifting of the heaviness, some filling of the absences. We won’t really see the significance of all this until into the Autumn, but it is the next few days that the shift occurs, things change direction and so it is a good time to set seeds for the future and how you will take more responsibility for your relationships, where you need to work harder on them.

In the last move of this current dance Venus also turns gracefully around, turning her back on both Jupiter and Neptune and heading back through Gemini where she has been doing a lot of exploring around the ideas and experiences of relating, valuing self and others and creativity. She’s learned a lot these past few weeks and in some cases feels like she’s walked through fire and come out the other side older and wiser. Now she’s ready to put what she’s learned about relating to herself, others and the world into action – hand in hand with Saturn who has been moving backwards through her own sign. These two have a pact – when Venus first went retrograde in May she was within minutes of completing a beautiful trine to Saturn. She never was able to complete that trine – until now. Now she moves rapidly back through Gemini, tying up loose ends and finally perfecting that trine with Saturn at the end of July. This really is all about relationships and relating and as with Saturn turning direct is an excellent time to really set seeds for how you want your life to grow in terms of important relationships – not just with a significant other but with yourself, your friends, your colleagues, your world and so on.

Linking it all together is Chiron, often called the ‘wounded healer’ who contacts each of these significant aspect patterns casting a healing, though sometimes uncomfortable light on the ways we can best achieve radical and productive change within our relationships, bringing them into line with our greater sense of spiritual purpose, underpinned by a clearer sense of our own philosophy and perspective on the meaning and purpose of life. As always with Chiron the ‘cure’ can feel painful, if you or others are especially sensitive, tearful, reactive or just plain difficult over the coming few days, the answer is patience and compassion. This really looks like a great time to achieve something important – and while it feels like there is a lot of time as these movements gradually move into place over the coming days, it is not a time to waste.

To me, this song perfectly sums up the mood of the moment!


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