Ixion and Pholus – a surprising little story

I’m not sure what got me into looking at the centaurs in the skies at the moment but when I did something very interesting showed up which I just had to explore further. Ixion and Pholus are sitting together at the crucial degrees of Sagittarius which have seen all the action as regards eclipses and they were directly opposite the Venus transit. Now, that’s unusual and I was sure there was a story to be told there – and sure enough there was. An interesting little story when it comes to some of the detail of this current Venus retrograde phase – I’ve written it up in full on the page “Ixion and Pholus – a small story of Venus betrayed”.

Ixion and Pholus, being centaurs (well, Pholus is a centaur and Ixion is a man but he fathered all the centaurs) link together the orbits of the outer planets so there is something in this story that reaches beyond the personal – Ixion reflects the orbit of Pluto and symbolises some of the most unpleasant of Pluto’s characteristics – deceit, betrayal, abuse and uses those to take advantage of venus. There is something there about us all feeling like our values and hopes have been abused by corrupt and corrupting powers.

Pholus links the orbits of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, tying together the different themes of the squares and forward motions I wrote about in yesterday’s post. At present it isn’t clear how Saturn’s Rx phase connects with the jupiter/Neptune square and the Uranus/Pluto square but perhaps in this little story we start to get some sense of how we can be inadvertently taken advantage of and the damage that can be caused when that happens.

All in all, to me the story resonates with themes about abuse, betrayed hopes and the corruption of the individual psyche by impersonal and uncaring forces – and the lessons we learn from that.


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