Mercury moves into Leo

Little messenger of the gods, Mercury, is just poised to go into Leo, which he does at 2:24GMT tomorrow (the 26th June). For the past two and a half weeks he’s been travelling through Cancer – this tends to slow him down a little bit – not literally, but things that he rules; thoughts, words, conversations, letters, communications of all kinds – all these get a little bit slower as they take on some of the watery Cancer qualities of feelings and emotions. Good points about Mercury in Cancer are that he can really help bring feelings and emotions and vague, indefinable intuitions and impressions to the surface where they can be more easily communicated and talked about. Not so good things are that words of all kinds, whether in emails, letters, conversations etc can become overloaded with emotions, over-subjective, or they can be taken in an overly emotional way.

Well, with Mercury moving into Leo all this changes – communications of all kinds start to speed up as people become very clear about what they want to say and just want to get their point across. No concerns here about expressing the intangible – the proud Leo is quite sure he knows exactly what he wants to say, and is equally sure everyone wants to listen to him. That’s the overall tone that communications start to take on over the coming weeks so if you’ve felt frustrated by messages that seem to beat around the bush, or aren’t really clear, or address issues that don’t really seem relevant to the job in hand then you should start to see that energy free up – although you might also start to see that people become more argumentative as they start to be more concerned with getting their point across than with listening to yours – which of course you might be doing too. You might find you’re travelling around a lot more too, short trips around the neighbourhood, visits to nearby places.

All this is generally positive, Mercury likes to move quickly so the confident, powerful energy of the Lion suits him well. However, there is a caution. Almost as soon as Mercury goes into Leo he also enters his shadow – this is part of the sky that he will move back across in a couple of weeks when he turns retrograde (I can almost hear those of you who have been following the recent retrogrades of first Mars, then Saturn, then Venus sighing ‘oh no, not another one’!) It looks like all that ego based energy he takes on from Leo starts to cause misunderstandings, crossed wires, mix ups with communications, travel plans etc. It won’t be obvious at first, in fact much of this will only come to light later in July once he is retrograde – but a word to the wise, double check emails, letters, purchase orders, bookings – pay attention to the detail and minimise the need to go back over things and do them again. Also, try to pay attention to where people are being over-confident, maybe their ego is persuading them to take on more than they can, maybe it’s you who is taking on too much believing you really can juggle all this. If you overstretch then things will start messing up from mid July when Mercury does his retrograde turn around and has to go back over things and sort out the confusion, pick up things he’d forgotten about and so on.

Happily this is not such a big hitting energy as the Venus and Mars retrogrades – Mercury regularly does this little turn around, about three times a year in fact and it doesn’t usually signify massive shifts in perspective like the other retrogrades have been doing. It’s more of an inconvenience, and one that can be minimised if you’re aware of it.

Mercury enters the shadow on 27th June (just as Venus goes direct in Mercury ruled Gemini)

He goes retrograde on 15th July

He goes direct again on the 8th August (just as Venus leave Gemini and enters Cancer)

The connections with the Venus retrograde cycle are interesting and suggest that in the wider scheme of things this Mercury retrograde period will also be dealing with some of the issues covered by Venus during her own retrograde – Mercury may be charged with making sure people know how Venus has changed her perspective, her aims, her ideals. For many of you this will be a time of making things clear about any new expectations or directions in Venus related activities, whether arts or money making projects, relationships, your own appearance and so on. There’s a little bit of a sense of needing to work a bit harder than usual to make sure people understand your new perspectives, some fine tuning about what this means especially if any Venus related activities involve formal contracts – anything from marriage commitments to personally important purchases should be worked with carefully and don’t be afraid to take your time on them, it’ll make everything much easier in the long run!

I found this picture which looks to me very much like Mr Mercury is having a little meeting with Leo the Lion – a taste of things to come


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