Happy Venus direct day!

Finally, after 6 weeks going backwards through the heavens Venus can start to go forwards again – the Aztecs thought she spent 40 days and 40 nights walking the earth as a man and then returned to the heavens. The Babylonians saw her as a rather petulant and spoilt goddess of both love and war; Ishtar to the Akkadians and Inanna to the Sumerians who was humiliated as she arrogantly tried to influence the underworld as she does the upperworld. She is now bright and strong as the morning star, the part of her cycle that Mayans (as Quetzalcoatl) and Greeks (as Lucifer) alike thought of as the more forceful side of Venus – this was the time when leaders were struck down and nations went to war.

Quetzalcoatl as a snake

Now Venus will turn direct and head straight back into that square with Chiron but she knows what’s involved with that now so it should be less of a surprise. She is content with the way Jupiter and Neptune are sorting out issues to do with our philosophical and spiritual lives and will wait now until next year until she catches up properly with Jupiter – never mind that there were some promising opportunities that just seemed to disintegrate, they’ll get another chance. Now Venus rapidly picks up speed, eager to catch up with Saturn and passing through the degree at which she transited the Sun on the way. At the time Venus is close to the transit degree (20th – 23rd July) some of the repercussions of this Venus retrograde period may become really obvious, for good or ill.

Inanna rises triumphant

And of course Venus turns direct just as mercury enters his shadow – I wrote yesterday of the Sabian symbol for the Mercury retrograde period. Interestingly, there is a resonance between the Sabian symbol for Mercury entering his shadow and Venus turning direct – maybe in Venus’s symbol we see something of the roots behind the epidemic that will later spread and that Mercury will deal with:


KEYNOTE: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship.

We are dealing in this sequence of symbols with man’s discovery of the new powers residing in his special contribution to the total organism of this planet Earth — his consciousness and aggressive mind. The first stage (Phase 66) dealt with oil, the typical form of energy which the modern mind has made available. (These symbols were revealed before atomic energy was even thought of as a practical possibility.) Now we see in this new symbol a pictorial indication of what the use of this intellect-generated energy inevitably leads to: industrial unrest and violence. As man manages to rape the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery, conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated.

The arousal is presented to us here in its collective social form because we have reached the emotional-cultural level. The type of power generated by the analytical intellectual faculties is essentially disruptive; it is based on the destruction of matter, and invites egocentric hoarding and spoliation — and, in general, privileges of one kind or another. This leads to a REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES.

Lucifer, bringer of light (statue in Madrid)

It seems somehow resonant with these times we are living in too. This morning I came across a passage in a book that to me says a lot about what could be the potential from this Venus retrograde period, and also what the pitfalls might be – I copy it here because I like it and it seems pertinent.

Response Vs. Reaction

By Adyashanti, from ‘The Quiet Revolution’

When I was 19 and 20, part of what drove my urge to awaken was that we were still in the midst of the Cold War, and it looked as though we might imminently drop bombs on each other. I saw the insanity and violence, and it occurred to me that we were all waiting for someone to solve this problem for us — waiting for our politics to change, for our leaders to change, for some grand leader to inspire us. And somehow I just intuitively sensed that there must be a change of perspective, something much more radical inside. This mantra came to my mind, and it fed my awakening: “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” And this brought all of the energy back to me.

I started to see, from the standpoint of oneness, that when we look at the world around us and our leaders, it’s important to see them as our own self. And that can be shocking. If it’s all one, then the leaders we don’t like are our own self, our shadow side, which society is denying. Instead of owning these forces of division and violence within ourselves, we project them onto somebody else. We get angry. It’s sort of a noble anger, a noble hatred, a noble division, and it’s easy to justify. “I am right because I’m a peace activist or an environmental activist.” We miss that this anger, no matter how justified, is still inside the movement of division—and it’s only contributing to division. If the cause is wholeness or the cause is peace, then the cause is good—but the ends do not justify the means. Hate is hate; it doesn’t matter why we hate. Anger is anger; it doesn’t really matter why you’re dividing yourself against somebody. In the universe, it registers as division.

When we start to see that, we can see that we are not justified in our divisions. If we are harboring division, we are violent, and that violence will manifest sooner or later. It’s sobering to see this, but when you do, it takes away the justification for being divided.

That’s what I started to see at a young age. My concern drove me to a deeper place, this place that we’re called to when we speak of spiritual awakening. Now from that place, we can have a very active response to the world rather than a reaction against it. A response is inherently positive; a reaction is inherently negative and divisive. A great thing about coming to our own wholeness is that it’s not as though we just sit on our couch and see that everything is perfect. We do see that everything is perfect—but from that sense of perfection arise great love, great compassion, and a great response to the life around us. It’s a response that is undivided. As a whole, as a world culture, if there is going to be a salvation, it’s going to have to come from the human heart being undivided. And to get there, we all have to wake up.


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