Venus direct – the Saturn connection

So, here we are, Saturn has turned direct in the Venus ruled sign of Libra and Venus has also now turned direct. So we’re all feeling an increase in Venusian energy right? Things moving forward nicely now in the realms of relationships, values, arts, self worth and so on? I hear some say no – I hear some say that actually it still feels slow and heavy. Well, that might be because it takes a while before planets that turn direct get up to full forward strength again. Or it might be because Saturn and Venus have a pact and until they’ve delivered on that things aren’t going to be quite so free-flowing as we might like.

Back when Venus turned retrograde she very, very nearly perfected a trine with Saturn. She was within minutes of it and then she turned and backed out. Now the two are both going forwards, but Saturn hardly moves at all until Venus catches up and does finally make that trine at the end of July – on the 23rd degree, the same degree as she went retrograde! So, she makes that trine just as she leaves her shadow, and after that Saturn really starts moving forwards.

At the same time as Venus and Saturn perfect that trine Psyche is sitting right on the Mars retrograde degree of 23˚Virgo. Psyche spent most of the Mars retrograde cycle hand in hand with Mars so now it’s like she’s throwing some of that energy at Venus and urging her not to forget what Mars went through. In terms of our own individual psyches it’s all about integrating everything, making it all work together and make sense. With it being Psyche it’s also about having stood the test of time and now being poised to reap the rewards – Psyche was thoroughly tested by Aphrodite (Venus) before she was allowed to marry Eros (Aphrodite’s son) who didn’t think she was good enough. She was set a number of apparently impossible tasks, but she managed to meet them all in the end – and now here she is, in exactly the right place to see everything finally come together.

The other really noticeable thing about the chart for this trine is the yod that comes from the Sun to Chiron and Pluto. Normally yods are difficult aspects, they show projection and maybe unrealistic or unachievable ideals and a sense of unfulfilment that comes from that. There’s a tension there that’s really difficult to resolve. But this yod looks like divine inspiration to me – the Sun is flanked by Urania, goddess of creative wisdom, and Sophia, goddess of Wisdom. That is some powerfully insightful energy being thrown out onto that Pluto/Chiron sextile. And also, the Sun at the receiving apex of that yod gets back some very powerful energy from those masters of transformation, receiving it where he is strong in Leo and confident to act upon the inspiration he receives.

With the connection of Venus and Saturn – a combination that speaks of beautiful building work, wonderful architecture and arts made from the things of the earth – this chart shows the culmination of the Saturn and Venus retrogrades as powerfully connected to the material world and the places where we live. It is about building a future in a very real sense and using that as the basis from which to live out the lessons in relationships and the values we bring to them.

Interior of the Hagia Sophia

Of course I had to look at the Sabian symbols which, taken together repeat this theme of spiritual insight made manifest in the physical world:

24 Gemini (Venus) – Children skating over a frozen village pond. Keynote, triumph over entropy. This is great news for anyone feeling that Venus turning direct still feels a little slow.

24 Libra (Saturn) – A butterfly with a third wing on its left side. Keynote, original mutation. This is all about spiritual insights, represented by the butterfly, being manifested in the physical world.

24 Virgo (Psyche) – Mary and her little lamb. Keynote, innocence. The presence of Psyche here, linking in to the Mars retrograde brings an element of newness and childlike enthusiasm.

9 Leo (Sun) – Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing. Keynote, creative intensity. Which ties the position of the Sun beautifully to the Venus/Saturn connection.

In terms of ordinary (as opposed to symbolic) life – it will become a whole lot easier to see how to make our dreams reality and we will feel a whole lot more confident about doing that. It’s especially good for anyone involved in the arts, crafts or building work. And even if you’re not you will probably find taking something like that up as a hobby will prove to be particularly fulfilling. It’s also good for relationships becoming more committed, more responsible, and generally really understanding what it takes to make a relationship work and being prepared to do that.

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