It’s a ‘hang on to your sense of humour day’!

It’s a busy day in the skies today, with lots of different kinds of energy to tune into. The aspects most people will notice is the flaring of the cardinal t-square as the Sun first opposes Pluto and then squares Uranus. It’s an aspect with a lot of tension, and it has enormous creative, revolutionary, transformative power if you are able to tune into it and control it. If not, you could see tempers flare, accidents and in general people reacting in surprising or unexpected ways. Keep calm and don’t panic!

Positive manifestations of this energy include an ability to recognise and let go of things that stand in the way of you achieving your aims, great will power and conviction of purpose, all carried with a sense of responsibility of serving a greater good and showing a strong element of leadership. Increased perceptiveness, insights into the motives of others, inventiveness and originality.

Negative manifestations of this energy include a tendency to selfishness and self-concern, trampling on the feelings and wishes of others, inability to negotiate, argumentative tendencies and extreme risk taking behaviour.

Awareness of these different energies can help you recognise how they are manifesting in your life and give you greater control over showing the creative rather than destructive side.

To help with this, at the same time the Sun opposes Pluto it also locks into a kite formation with the Moon and Chiron. This can increase your sensitivity of this energy and give you added ability to guide in towards a productive end. Try to pay attention to feelings, both yours and others, use the Moon’s sensitivity to understand the undercurrents at work, and then Chiron’s compassion to sense a greater end to this, something beyond immediate reactions and impulses.

Meanwhile Venus is forming a sextile to Uranus indicating that the tense energy being felt by Uranus can be constructively worked with through the arts, through doing something creative with your hands and heart. This helps to loosen some of the tension of that t-square and pull out the creative side of the energy.

Venus is still conjunct Jupiter, and although that conjunction never completed they are still swapping notes with one another – Jupiter’s jovial, generous and expansive nature giving Venus a real boost of energy. Mercury is also connecting with Jupiter at the time of the Sun’s move into the cardinal t-square which heightens our ability to analyse situations and be philosophical about things – it also increases the sense of humour, which could be helpful today.


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