Time for a change?

The next day or so could prove interesting or illuminating in one way or another. First, Jupiter moves over the South Node, a point in the skies that indicates an opening into or view of past karma. Jupiter has recently been engaged in a square with Neptune indicating tussles between more established philosophical beliefs and a more mystical approach towards spirituality, with the square as ever bringing tense but potentially creative energy. Now as Jupiter moves over the South Node he catches glimpses of where things may have gone wrong or got stuck in the past along with a sense that these things need now to be set straight somehow in order to move forward freely. As Jupiter makes this move he also comes more closely into the square with Chiron, indicating some sense of sadness or regret at the way things have been in the past, but also some hope of healing. This relationship between Jupiter and Chiron and the sense of spiritual or philosophical healing it brings will colour Jupiter’s move through Gemini, including his retrograde over many of those points that Venus has been crossing recently. This is the call to bring the understandings of the Venus retrograde into the deep underpinnings of your life philosophy and spiritual practice and is the final big message of the current retrograde cycle.

The Sabian symbol for Jupiter as he crosses the South Node: (GEMINI 5°): A REVOLUTIONARY MAGAZINE ASKING FOR ACTION.
KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Meanwhile Mars will move into Libra bringing a shift away from some of the more onerous responsibilities we have had to deal with since November. Mars in Libra will bring opportunities to enjoy more cultural pleasures; good conversation, art shows, trips to museums and galleries and so on and also more energy to put into relationships with those who are important to you. A general lightening up of energy following the rather rigorous demands of Virgo.

And then, of course, there is the Full Moon, at 12+˚ Capricorn, with the Sabian symbol of a fire worshipper meditating on the ultimate realities of existence. Full Moons bring clarity or illumination, sometimes endings and closure, combined with the move of Jupiter across the South Node and Mars finally leaving Virgo this looks very much like a Moon shedding light on what we have achieved, what we have learned and at the same time closing the door on it. Those lessons are done now, especially those of Mars through Virgo, the duties and obligations we have had to patiently address. The pressure lifts a little but just as the Full Moon can bring some closure it can also highlight the way ahead – this dance is never done, it’s just on to the next step. In terms of the current, powerful retrogrades this next phase is dominated by Jupiter whilst in terms of other ongoing energies it’s about the cardinal square being activated b y the movement of personal planets through the t-square. There are a pretty potent but difficult to navigate series of aspects in this Full Moon chart before we get to understand where we’ve been and where we are headed. These include a yod to Pluto from Venus and Mercury and another to Mercury from Pluto and asteroid Lilith/Chiron. Pluto is conjunct the full moon so making it an especially potent time for transformative energies and events. Meanwhile Eros is close to Saturn and is coming to understand the responsibilities and commitments that relationships bring. Saturn and Eros also cast a series of inconjunct aspects to Venus, Jupiter and the South Node and also the goddess asteroids of Ceres and Vesta. This group that clusters around the South Node is enclosed by the Lilith corridor which means it is open to powerful energies of change and transformation, but not always comfortable energy, or energy that is easy to control.

Just as the Lilith corridor encloses that group around the South Node, asteroid Lilith is sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron – there is an urge there to manifest something of a deeply spiritual nature, but again the energy is powerful and not necessarily easy to control. The yods highlight this difficulty in controlling and directing the very powerful energy present in this Full Moon. Whilst the planets involve link into both Pluto and Uranus and so possibly take some of the tension out of that square, the inconjuncts (represented by the dotted green lines) increase a sense of frustration, of things not quite gelling properly. This could actually increase the tension but lead to it becoming displaced, projected onto the Mercury and Venus sextile thus what should be a time of pleasant communications can instead become a time of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. The energy is powerful and has a mystical, almost magical overtone to it but without conscious direction could end up spilling out all over the place – a good time for counting to ten and not taking anything too personally.

Almost as soon as the Full Moon has done her thing (and it looks like she’ll be doing a powerfully transformative thing) the next stage of the dance will almost immediately pick up a pace with Mercury and Venus dancing a pretty little three step with Uranus and increasing communications, some of which could be surprising or shocking in some way (overall the aspects are harmonious so chances are the surprises will be nice ones). One week later Uranus and then Mercury both turn retrograde just in time for the New Moon so these surprise communications could bring us news of things that need to be revisited and begun afresh.

More about all this later. For now it’s a time to understand the learning and celebrate the shift in energy and practice not jumping to conclusions or over-reacting to anything.


An interesting take on the Full Moon with the influence of fixed stars here:



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