Mercury and Venus – a pretty little sarabande

Today Mercury and Venus perfect a sextile, a 60˚ angle and they continue to hold hand through the next few days together working their magic on the various tense and demanding aspects that are reflected in our skies at the moment.

For a start the next couple of days sees them still in close connections with the yods of the full moon, irritating Pluto in Capricorn as he works hard to transform our sense of responsibility and commitment, our willingness to work hard to achieve the changes we want to see. Pluto is feeling especially intense and demanding at the moment as he is squared by revolutionary Uranus – he’s really feeling pressured on many sides. Mercury’s instinct is to lighten that up a bit, except that Mercury is also under pressure as the apex of the yod involving Chiron/asteroid Lilith and Pluto – so while Pluto is being challenged to lighten up a bit and shake things out, Mercury is being challenged to dig deep into the meanings of things and stop skating over the surface.

Normally Venus would soothe this tension a bit as she casts that lovely sextile to Mercury and another to Uranus. Except Venus herself isn’t exactly free of issues – she’s involved in that yod to Pluto so is on some of the receiving end of Pluto’s demands, and she’s also square Chiron and asteroid Lilith who are intent on dredging up issues that are painful and that she thought she’s left safely hidden away or buried in the past.

As Mercury and Venus continue to hold hands and help one another through this we see them perfect the whole series of aspects in close succession meaning that things (especially Mercurial/Gemini things like communications, travel etc) are likely to pick up a pace. For the lucky ones this will give a sense of light relief. For most it may well be pleasant enough but brings a certain undercurrent of deeper issues that need to be addressed and which will not go away until they are addressed. For those sensitive to these issues the next few days could be intense, draining, exhausting, but ultimately healing.

To me, this is the current state of affairs set to music:


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