Friday the 13th, and then the weekend!

There’s an interesting little collection of moves coming up over the next few days, so if you’ve been having a relatively peaceful time then things are about to shift up a gear. This shift really begins on Friday when our revolutionary and sometimes shocking friend, Uranus, turns retrograde. Now, the reason why I haven’t been making as much of a thing about this is because Uranus, like all the planets further out in the solar system spends pretty much half his time going backwards – it’s an energy we’ve all got used to over the years and so doesn’t come as so much of a surprise to us as when the inner planets do their retrograde thing. But still, Uranus, sitting there square to Pluto and just poised to pick up tense energies from the personal planets as they pass, is going retrograde. In fact, it’s almost as though he’s noticed Pluto going retrograde and doesn’t want him to slip away – these two have masses of unfinished business to sort out. Uranus stationing retrograde in Aries could be felt as a frustrating time, like banging your head against a brick wall (don’t do it, you’ll only get a headache). That frustration can lead to angry outbursts or accidents if you try to force things – the more haste the less speed as my grandma used to say.

As Uranus slowly turns on his heels to look back and see where Pluto’s got to Mercury and Venus perfect for the second time the nice little sextile they’ve been engaged with over the past couple of weeks. Like I’ve said when they entered into this nice little meeting, it’s great for social and cultural events, arts, conversations, pleasant communications and so on, and as they’ve moved out of orb from the yod that Pluto was forming with them all these things should be very pleasant at this time.

Nevertheless, things are not quite as sweet and simple as they seem because just as they perfect that sextile Mercury turns on his heels and head back into orb with that yod – it’s almost as if he’s taking a little time out to gather his strength before getting down to the real, important business at hand. When Venus and Mercury first perfected this sextile they were on the other side of a series of ‘interesting’ passes across the influence of more difficult and challenging planets Uranus and Pluto, and of course Chiron was having quite an impact too. For this first pass Mercury was holding hands with Venus and she was giving him support, making things seem not too intense. Now as he moves back into those aspects Venus is leaving him to it – any events or issues or communications over the past few days that have raised questions in your mind, seemed perhaps a little difficult or a bit intense – these are about to be revisited but with their full impact starting to show. For an exuberant Mercury in Leo this is not going to be an easy time, he needs (we all need) to remember to listen and breathe and not just talk over the top of people, ignore people or shout in the hope that it will go away, whatever it is (the past week holds the key to what these issues are for you personally).


Mercury and Venus in cahoots as Mercury brings Venus a message, but soon she will leave and he will have to go back – maybe with a rebuttal to whoever write that letter?

Mercury’s retrograde periods are renowned for causing travel delays and upsets, missing communications and also for hearing from (or getting back in touch with) people you haven’t been in contact with for a while. Combined with a stationing Uranus this could increase the likelihood of computer breakdowns (back up your system now!), faults with electrical devices, odd things to do with phones etc. Of course the retrograde or ‘looking back’ motion, might well use these things to bring people back into your life in some way or to resurrect issues that you thought had been dealt with but that actually need revising in some way. Be prepared to spend a couple of weeks going over things and paying more attention to detail than usual.

I wrote more about Mercury retrograde here:

The final, major aspect of the weekend and following hot on the heels of the Mercury about-turn is the Sun squaring up to Saturn. This is a difficult aspect – it’s about ego clashes and ambition versus responsibility. The Sun wants to express himself and be admired and looked up to while Saturn wants to limit, restrict, dampen down all that enthusiasm. The Sun is also about enjoying the here and now whilst Saturn counsels you to bide your time – somewhere between these two there is a lesson about not forgetting to plan for your future whilst enjoying the present, and conversely not forgetting to enjoy what you have now whilst planning your future.

This is another aspect that can lead to frustration and outbursts and with this aspect it is more likely to show in your relationships either with family (Sun in Cancer) or close friends/partners (Saturn in Libra). Responsibilities are likely to lie heavily on someone’s shoulders and that may not go down too well. Family life demands hard work at this time – but the good news is that as ever with a square aspect, whilst the energy is tense it is also productive and creative. Any issues that do arise that feel like your source of comfort and support (Cancer)is not being as comforting and supporting as you would like and any places where you feel you aren’t effectively connecting to someone important (Libra) are ripe for productive change. The trick here is not to let the other frustrating energies of Uranus and Mercury turning retrograde allow outbursts of frustration and anger that prevent constructive solutions and ways forward to be found.



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