Vibrations from Mars

In the lead up to the new moon on Thursday we have a few rocky patches and storms to weather – these relate to Mars moving into orb of the cardinal square that I write about here:

First, however, we get a nice boost of energy and optimism as Mars trines Jupiter. Mars in Libra is quite enjoying feeling a little less pressure from duties and obligations that he felt all through the past few months while he was in Virgo. Now he’s enjoying more cultural and social pursuits, good conversation, pleasant company, playing with interesting ideas (nothing too difficult or demanding though, this is all supposed to be fun) and increased opportunities to appreciate the arts. Today  and tomorrow this gets a pleasant boost as Mars is on the receiving end of some of Jupiter’s expansive, generous and optimistic energy. Jupiter in Gemini will increase the ability to play around with words and ideas and the enjoyment of stimulating company. Mars and Jupiter together are likely to make you feel physically stronger too – it’s a great couple of days to get out and about, meet people socialise – don’t look for anything too serious or try and dig too deep into things though, because sitting just on the horizon and looming just as Mars makes that trine to Jupiter, is Pluto and then Uranus.

Ganesh – the Hindu god associated with Jupiter, abundance, good fortune and the removal of obstacles

Whilst the Mars/Jupiter energy is confident and expansive, if it gets too cocky or starts to get too serious it will pick up on the more challenging vibrations caused by the Pluto/Uranus square. Stay aware and keep things light and all should be ok, Jupiter can really help to carry an air of optimism and perspective through this time. On the other hand, be prepared for conversations to take unexpected turns, to start digging into areas you hadn’t really considered connected or relevant. Getting angrily political or psychological, aggressive and over-assertive. All these things are symptoms of picking up on the jarring energy of the square.

As always though I need to mention the creative potential in the square – if you avoid the temptation to take things personally and understand that ‘it’s not you, it’s them’ if people start getting aggressive and self-centred then you might just find that new solutions to old problems are unlocked. Surprising revelations about yourself and what you want from life and how to balance that with expectations from those close to you are likely. An understanding of where in your life the important areas for hard work lie and a willingness to take responsibility for that – breakthroughs in all these areas can be achieved at this time and with Jupiter throwing a joyful beam to Mars, really there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit in all these ways. Just in time for the new moon and the new beginning it symbolises!



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