Cancer New Moon 19th July

New Moons are about new beginnings, they are that time when the Moon crosses between the Sun and the Earth and so can’t be seen, it is a time of quietness and for sowing seeds for the future that will bear fruit in the days/weeks/months to come.

This New Moon is in Cancer, sign of nurturing, home and family – a fertile sign so more good indications for future planning; and watery so it relates to emotions and understanding how we feel now, how we feel about the past and how we want to feel in the future. This New Moon is the last of the Venus Rx cycle as she will leave her shadow before the next one, and sees Mercury in retrograde motion – so it is still playing out those influences from all the retrogrades that we have been experiencing over the past few months. Jupiter has moved into his shadow now – Jupiter is the clean up guy for everything that has been going on, and for the New Moon he is conjunct the Venus shadow/turning direct degree. This is powerfully suggestive of putting in place resolutions and intentions about lessons learned from Venus Retrograde and how we can incorporate these into a wider philosophical or spiritual approach to life.

Connecting the New Moon even more strongly to the Venus Rx period is the fact that Venus is on the transit degree – this is the point back in June that saw the door open onto her greatest doubts and fears. It also highlighted the extent of the deception and manipulated perpetrated by Ixion and Pholus who are moving back opposite that degree and now in full sight of Venus as she is no longer blinded by the Sun. Now is the time when Venus can see clearly what has been, what she has learned and what she wants to do about it. Plus this New Moon supports Venus in her endeavours as it is in a wide novile (1/9th of a circle) aspect to her – the novile is about a karmic bond and inevitable outcome. What is sown at this New Moon will inevitably bear fruit, so make sure you sow exactly what you want to reap – compassion reaps compassion, love reaps love, anger reaps anger and so on.

In addition to the novile the New Moon forms a quintile (1/5th of a circle) to Mars and a bi-quintile (2/5th of a circle) to Neptune. The quintiles are creative and constructive aspects and to Mars in Libra and Neptune in Pisces they repeat the theme of the Jupiter Rx following on from Venus – that it is time to lay the foundations to ensure our relationships (Venus and Libra) express our true philosophical and spiritual values (Jupiter, Neptune, Pisces).

The square to Saturn emphasises the hard work that will need to be done to achieve this, but Saturn is patient and is waiting for Venus to perfect that trine, so provided that hard work is done all will be well.

Well laid foundations support us reaching for the heavens

Of course we have in the background the ongoing Cardinal square with Mars forming a t-square with Uranus and Pluto. The danger is to get too aggressive, to allow things to become argumentative, but like I said in the last post there is enormous potential in this aspect to achieve lasting, meaningful, even revolutionary change – it is not a bad thing it just take a lot of self-control in order to be able to master the energies  (good practice for all of us as this square will continue to be triggered for the next 2 years, right until after the next lot of retrogrades)!

Plus, for this New Moon both Mercury and Jupiter are forming more gentle, flowing aspects, so a little patience, a little forbearance and a good dose of humour should go a long way in making this a great New Moon, full of potential for a bright and loving future!


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