What’s wrong with the world?

The main activity in the skies at the moment is the applying square between Jupiter and Chiron. Maybe if you’ve read some of my posts about the current retrograde cycle you will be aware of this, or at least aware that it was coming over the horizon. Now we get to really feel what it means, what it will mean.

Jupiter is about philosophy, organised and established ways of understanding the world, religions and structures that help to glue society and community together. He’s in Gemini at the moment so there’s lots of ideas and information circulating about these things.

Proud Jupiter, ruler of society’s structures and established rules

Chiron is the rejected one, the wounded one, the healer who cannot heal himself, the compassionate one. He is in Pisces, sign of the mystic, of spiritual ideas and feelings, of a sense of something greater that takes us beyond the confines of society’s structures – Chiron is sensing a wound or some damage done to our wider sense of the mystical and spiritual. Something there is hurt and he want s to see it healed.

The square between the two suggest that there is a tension between society’s accepted and acceptable expressions of spirituality and a wider sense that somehow the mysterious or truly spiritual has been lost from that somehow. It is a loss that Chiron now challenges Jupiter to heal – how are we to ensure that our shared institutions really do serve to nurture the spiritual and soulful within us rather that just serving to keep it subdued and in its place? Spiritual activism can be profoundly disconcerting for a society that is comfortable with itself and today there are hints and rumblings of that challenge.

Chiron the teacher of heroes is challenging us to make our spirituality real, make it felt in the world.

Let’s not forget that this is also happening while Venus is still in her shadow and Jupiter is just starting to move through part of that shadow, deepening it as it is also part of his shadow. These rumblings began as an awareness that things weren’t quite right in our closest relationships, didn’t quite reflect the way we wanted to relate to the world and one another. Venus’s squares to Chiron really highlighted that. Now Jupiter adds a further level of depth as this sense of dissatisfaction is extended from the immediately personal to society and the establishment in general.

This will be the ground covered by the Jupiter retrograde cycle which began when Jupiter entered his shadow just before the weekend and will end at the end of April next year, with the square to Chiron colouring the initial entry into the shadow and the final pass through it. Ultimately healing, these squares can be difficult so if you find yourself today or over the coming months questioning what you’re doing, what purpose you serve, what the point of it all is, remember that the energies of the time are working to bring into alignment our deepest spiritual desires with our cultural structures and allow us to live our lives and relationships in harmony with these – squares are never easy, but creative and productive they really can be.

Chiron at odds with Jupiter can dampen down our ability to laugh, to take things lightly – he can also heal so that humour becomes genuine rather than a reaction that allows us to ignore something uncomfortable. Chiron is also gentle – the healing he demands will not be achieved by aggressive shows of strength or brutality, by anger or by hate. His activism is one of compassion not of fear, we will do well to remember that – the promise is of greater and deeper happiness at the end of the journey.


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