Mercury brings a little sparkle to the weekend

This weekend sees Mercury meet up with the Sun bringing us little sparkles of inspiration and insight into things we might have been going over in our mind, or considering doing. This conjunction is what is known as the inferior conjunction as Mercury is retrograde and lies between the Earth and the Sun. The retrograde movement indicates going over things, rethinking things, maybe revisiting places, people or ideas. It can bring news from people you haven’t heard from for a while and as it is in Leo brings some of the warmth and energy of the Sun into play. Of course sometimes the sun can be a little ego-centric, a little over confident or over forceful, but he is warm and honourable so the intention is always good.

It’s not all plain sailing though as the double interlocking yods are still in play, although temporarily easing off a little while mercury does his thing with the Sun. If you’ve been feeling the uncomfortable pressure of these yods this Mercury Sun conjunction could bring just the insight you need to understand what needs to be done. However, a little patience is required as this is an inferior conjunction – the retrograde motion brings insight but it isn’t until forward motion is resumed that the energy works easily in terms of actually doing something about it (that will happen on the 8th August) and it isn’t until the superior conjunction with the Sun (when Mercury is moving direct and is on the other side of the Sun) that real results are usually seen.

Add to this theme of insight and patience the fact that Venus is not quite out of her shadow while Jupiter has now moved into his, so this inferior conjunction also links into the ongoing theme of this latest series of retrogrades, especially as Mercury is the ruler of them – I wrote more about these here:

The insight Mercury gets from meeting up with the Sun will really start to pull the overarching themes of these retrogrades together. It’s been a long haul and Jupiter has yet to do his stuff, but slowly we are beginning to be able to see what it is all about.

Meanwhile, enjoy this sparkly little weekend – the Sabian symbol for this Mercury  Sun conjunction is lovely:


KEYNOTE: The power of basic spiritual values which refer to man’s common humanity and to all enduring archetypes.

The experience of the night sky with its multitude of stars, especially brilliant in all the countries from which astrology came, is just as basic and archetypal an experience as that of sunrise, full moon and seasonal changes. Every people on this Earth has developed the concept of constellations, probably because of a need to find order in existence and to personalize everything that could be given a permanent form. Such personalizations can be called “psychic projections,” but the projection concept should be worked out both ways. If man projects his basic human nature upon the star-filled night sky, is it not just as logical to say that the universe projects its own forever-evolving patterns of order upon human nature? In either case we deal with archetypal factors which endure through a long series of generations.

This second stage symbol once more stands in perfect contrast to the preceding one. The nearly unchanging patterns of star groups are opposed to the sequence of ever-changing fashions and social ideals. The Keyword here is PERMANENCE.



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