A revolutionary spirit of commitment in the air…

There are a couple of very interesting meetings in the skies on the lead in to Thursday’s full moon, all of them happening today and tomorrow, marking the end of July with a bit of a show!

First of all Venus makes a square to little asteroid Psyche  who has been playing such a big part in the Mars and Venus retrograde cycles. Psyche is sitting on the Mars stationary retrograde degree of 23˚ Virgo and Venus is on her own stationary retrograde degree of 23˚ Gemini. This meeting marks the culmination of some of the processes we have worked through over the past few months. It is symbolic of Psyche finally having completed the tasks set for her by Venus. We have all had the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually, though relationships and through developing a greater understanding of our own ego processes over the past few months. Today marks an opportunity to mark that, to reflect and to look forward.

To me, the spirit behind the creation of the Watts chapel demonstrates the meeting of Venus, Psyche and Saturn in physical form: the design itself is an amalgamation of inspiration, every aspect having symbolic meaning. The Circle of Eternity with its intersecting Cross of Faith is from pre-historic times and symbolises the power of redeeming love stretching to the four quarters of the earth. The dome is traditionally seen as emblematic of heaven, the four panels on the exterior containing friezes symbolising the Spirit of Hope, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Light.


After this the Sun trines Uranus – we can expect to see some surprises with this, as we know Uranus is planet of surprises and revolutions. What is more, Uranus has been making himself in Mars’s fiery sign of Aries – he’s kicking up a storm and absolutely determined to have his way. Meanwhile the Sun, in his own fiery sign of Leo insists on ruling the roost and isn’t so very happy about this young upstart going around spreading rumours of rebellion. The ingredients are there for a major clash of wills. However, this is a trine, so the energies flow smoothly – it could indicate a very positive, beneficial, revolutionary energy coming into your life. It can bring power and passion and the motivation to change those things that have been getting you down or standing in your way.

The next two days will also see the Moon will light up that ongoing cardinal square, moving conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, emotions might run a little high for a while.

Finally Venus trines Saturn just before she leaves her shadow – with Saturn in the relationship sign of Libra, where he has been working us hard to get us to understand what we want and what we need from relationships and what we bring to them. He is ruled by Venus and has been waiting patiently for her to do her Rx journey before perfecting this trine. It is a mark of beauty and commitment, an aspect with a serious tone and maybe with just a little melancholy and nostalgia as we realise that in making commitments to one thing we wave goodbye to others. But it is also solid and durable – intentions built on this aspect will have firm foundations and see us well into the future. The question is, to what or to whom will you make that commitment – and whatever the answer is be prepared to see that aspect of your life flourish slowly over the coming months.

Foundations of stone bring durability and the ability to withstand many storms.


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