Some fun, some peace, something to smile about

Following yesterday’s full moon the main energy flow today comes from a Sun sextile Jupiter which is pretty much exact as I write this. This is a harmonious flowing of energies between two major bodies – the two biggest in the solar system – and they are working together to create a nice, but fairly active energy flow today. Sun is happy and confident in Leo, basking in the warmth of his own creativity and generosity. Jupiter is busy with lots of information and activity in Gemini – interesting ideas, interesting people, interesting places. Sounds like fun today!

Meanwhile the Moon goes on from its full energy yesterday to create a series of trines to Venus, Mars and Saturn bringing warmth and stability to relationships of all kinds. If communications have been a bit fraught or frantic recently this sees them starting to calm down, the true meaning is understood, misunderstandings are forgotten and all is well with the world for a little while.



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