Sweet little Pisces Moon

So what’s going on in the skies at the moment? Truth is, not a lot, we’re being given a little bit of breathing space to deal with everything that’s been thrown at us recently. The Moon wends her way through Pisces this weekend, sweet vibes there – and the only tense aspects she creates are to loving Venus and generous Jupiter. Mercury is slowing to a standstill, ready to head forwards again and Venus is drawing close to the end of Gemini and looking forward to the home comforts of Cancer, just a few more loose ends to tie up with the neighbours, siblings or (most likely with Mercury Rx) communications – letters and phone calls that need to be made.


A watery Moon over a Pisces sea.

All in all, it’s time for a bit of a breather, the past few months have been heavy going for many of us what with the retrogrades, the cardinal square activations and so on, this is a time to recoup your energies, figure out where you are and gather your resources for the next onslaught which truly kicks in about ten days from now. The onbly thing to watch for with this sweet little Pisces Moon is getting a little bit over emotional, teary (Pisces is watery and brings out the emotional qualities of the Moon). But then again, even that might not be a bad thing – our emotions are there for a reason, so if you feel emotional, let it be, don’t fight it.

But emotional or not, hey, it’s holiday time, silly season, the Olympics are on and people want you to have fun. For most of us the heavenly energies are giving us a bit of a break. Enjoy!


Moon in fishy Pisces – you might be tempted to see things where they are not, like this little guy – if it’s wearing you out, take a break and gaze at the sky!



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