Mercury and Venus – all change.

While everything is still quiet, or at least slow, on the energy front we have a couple of interesting shifts coming up. First of all, tomorrow afternoon (13:43 GMT, 7th August) Venus finally moves into Cancer after her sojourn in Gemini lasting just over 4 months – her attention now turns to home, family, and being a domestic goddess. This is a great time for all home comforts, any Kirsty Allsopp inspired home crafts, baking, entertaining family and so on. Venus in Cancer wants things to be nice, easy, comfortable – she can easily be trodden on or taken for granted. If that feels like you then try to focus some of that nurturing Cancer energy on yourself first.

Venus in cancer loves good food and drink – which is fine so long as you don’t over indulge. Those whose emotions are feeling heightened by her move into watery Cancer might be tempted to comfort eat but if you can a far better focus for this energy is to invest in really tasty, really healthy foods that delight your taste buds rather than dull them.

Soon after Venus enters Cancer Mercury moves forwards again, any difficulties with communications, crossed wires and so on over the past few months should start easing up soon, although Mercury in Leo can be inclined to talk – a lot! There may temporarily be even more confusion as everybody weighs in with their thoughts and ideas on just about everything – everyone thinks they have the solution, which would help if they were all in agreement with one another but they’re not – more interested in being heard than anything else. If you can, step back from this a bit let the chattering continue but get on with your own thing without paying it too much attention. It will die down before too long…


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