A day for messing about on the river

The next dreamy little aspect we have coming up is Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces – watery, emotional, poetic, dreamy – all these things apply to this aspect. It can be very pleasant, especially if you’ve got a little time off work and can indulge your more romantic side. If not, or if you need to get things done, it can be a little frustrating as it’s easy to get side-tracked, others might wander off, or their minds might wander off on a tangent. And if you’re feeling at all sensitive emotionally this could really bring out the tears – in bucket loads, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it’s good to have a bit of cathartic release. All in all though if you can take some time out and spend it by the sea, boating on a lake or strolling by a river, that will be a great way to use this energy. And if you fancy having a drink, that will be nice too – maybe so nice you overdo it and wake up with a headache – so watch out for that one!



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