Shhhhh, it’s oh so quiet

The quiet mood continues for a few days yet with no aspects becoming exact other than those the moon makes. However, this is all set to change big time at the end of the week and you may sense a slowly growing feeling that something is about to happen. Over the next few days the Moon wends its way through Gemini and Cancer – the weekend is good for getting out and about, catching up with friends, making those phone calls and so on. On Monday it moves into Cancer which is better for home comforts and spending time with family. Once in Cancer the Moon will connect with Venus highlighting the theme of home and family based pleasures.


In ancient Mesopotamia the Moon god was male and his children were the Sun and venus

Gradually, though, a sense of tension might start to creep in – first of all Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn; maybe you start to resent the way work is taking you away from family, or family is putting demands on you when you really feel you should be working. Then, at almost the same time Mars meets up with Saturn, bringing to a climax any issues to do with relationships and commitment. This followed by Venus square Uranus – this can indicate shocking breaks or surprising (although possibly short-lived) romantic encounters. Next the Sun sextiles Saturn, underlining the theme of relationships and responsibility – maybe you are wondering if a certain situation is worth restricting yourself for. Then comes a new moon indicating new beginnings, time to put decisions into action. And all in the space of two days 15th – 17th at the end of the week.


Maybe Monday evening is a great time to indulge in a little Love Goddess Cake:

More about these in the days to come, but forewarned is forearmed – enjoy the pleasures of the next few days so that when things pick up a pace and get more lively you are in a good position to make the most of it, rather than become exhausted.



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