Moon triggers Venus opposite Pluto

Today we may just start to feel the effects of the coming set of transits as the Moon contacts Venus and opposes Pluto hinting at the deeper currents that come with the Venus opposition to Pluto which is exact on Wednesday. Pluto is a deep planet – very deep, after all he is ruler of the underworld and astrologically pulls up influences connected to power, politics, psychology, death and sex! Venus, relaxing in nurturing, homely Cancer looks across and sees Pluto and she isn’t all that comfortable. Pluto and Venus in aspect to one another stir up deep feelings, sometimes obsessive feelings – there can be a challenge to your sense of being in control – usually this will come from other people whether partners, bosses, parents and so on and might well undermine your sense of peace and security at home.

These uncomfortable and possibly obsessive feelings are those likely to be stirred up by Venus opposite Pluto and which we get a hint of as the Moon passes them both – that niggling feeling you can’t shake off, that feeling that you really have to get your point across no matter what, that you absolutely must see that person and right now. Or the opposite – that you simply have to get away and you cannot bear the sight of someone you spend time with. All these are the more negative or uncomfortable expressions of this energy, but as ever there are more positive expressions to tune into, for instance this aspect can give deep insights into the motives of others, empathy and support. It can also bring benefits from women, and from people in positions of power and responsibility – just double check what is expected of you, because there can sometimes be a hidden agenda.

If you have a secure and comfortable home base this can actually provide a respite from some of the more draining demands of this aspect. If over the next few hours (from 15:00 GMT for a day or so) you get a hint of these kinds of undercurrents it’s a good time to put in place strategies to make sure you get the best out of it – avoid manipulative people, or people who play power games of any kind, ensure your home feels nurturing and secure and tune into the deeper motives of people so you get to see what it is they’re really about.


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