Leo new moon – here comes Friday!

So, now we’re getting to grips with those current transits of Venus opposite Pluto, Venus square Uranus and Mars conjunct Saturn, it’s time to look at Friday’s new moon in Leo. A fiery, lion-hearted new moon to usher in new beginnings in all things Leo – which generally means all those things that light your creative fire. What those things are, are different for all of us, but you’ll know them – they are those things that set your eyes to sparkle, that make you excited, that make you feel on top of the world. This new moon marks a new start in those areas of your life – maybe a new project, a new person or a new place.

Importantly this new moon also links closely to the Mars/Saturn conjunction as it forms a harmonious sextile to those two planets indicating that the energy of the new moon is working well with any decisions you might have come to about how to take your life and relationships forward over the past couple of days.

This new moon is close to the end of Leo, at 25˚08 which means that the next full moon isn’t in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius. Very often the time from new moon to following full moon can indicate the beginning and end of a project, or at least you can see for definite where things are going that were started with the new moon. This moon is different because it may well be that things develop slowly and don’t really show their potential until the next Leo full moon – which isn’t until January 27th next year.

The Sabian symbol for this new moon is:


KEYNOTE: Linking above and below, the Covenant with one’s divine nature, promise of immortality.

In the Bible the rainbow is the sign of the Covenant established by God with Noah (the cyclic “Seed man”) guaranteeing that no longer shall the destructive power of Spirit (the Shiva aspect of the Divine) be used to destroy life on earth. As we come to the third level of the scene of “Release,” we find the man who has been able to weather the cathartic storm face-to-face with his divine Archetype; because he has been victorious, a link has been established with his divine Soul-being. Both the human and the divine partners should remain thus linked. H. P. Blavatsky’s last words are said to have been: “Keep the Link unbroken” — the Link she forged With the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood that had sent her into the darkness of nineteenth-century materialism for this purpose.

At the first stage of this thirtieth sequence, the symbol of the rainbow shows us the need to maintain a state of open communication between the Sky and the Earth within our total being — not for the sake of finding an ever-elusive “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, for this end is never to be reached, but in order to face the totality of our individual selfhood as it is projected in the many-hued dome of our sky-flung consciousness. After every successfully met crisis, the REVELATION OF WORTH comes to us, and with it comes the promise of success, if only we do our part.


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