A change is in the air

Over the next week or so we are going to see a definite shift in energy as first the Sun moves out of sunny, summery Leo and into Virgo, queen of the harvest. And less than a day later Mars leaves Libra, a sign he isn’t all that comfortable in, and moves into Scorpio where he’s much more at home.

The Sun moving into Virgo marks that time of year when we all start to look towards the autumn, holidays are drawing to a close, schools go back, the harvest is being gathered in. It is a time of renewed focus on work, lifestyles and achieving a healthy balance. And while spring is the traditional time for cleaning the house Virgo is a great sign to get everything neat and tidy too (Virgo likes things clean and orderly). For a little while Sun and mercury are in ‘mutual reception’ – which means Mercury is in a sign ruled by the Sun while the Sun is in a sign ruled by Mercury. This is good for communication and expression, still nice for having fun, short pleasure trips, entertaining children and so on. It’s likely to be a busy time from now until the end of August, just getting everything ready for the ‘back to work, back to school’ time – but it should be fun too.

Very soon after the Sun enters Virgo Mercury sextiles Jupiter emphasising this busyness, with lots of communications, visits, phone calls, information coming at you from all over the place. It might even get a bit too much at times – it’s a good time to practice any information management strategies. But the aspects are harmonious so there shouldn’t be anything particularly nasty or unpleasant – just a lot to deal with.

Time for some information management strategies

Then Mars moves into Scorpio. Mars is feeling fully pepped up after his retrograde in Virgo earlier this year and he’s been resting up a bit while he’s been in Venus’s sign of Libra, enjoying the company of others and figuring out what kinds of people suit him best – to you and I this may well have meant coming to understand how our own energy levels rise and fall in the company of certain people and working out what kinds of people we most want to spend time with, because they make us feel  full of energy and life. Now Mars moves into Scorpio, a sign he rules along with Pluto. Mars in Pluto has a very deep and powerful energy, it’s sexy, forceful, passionate – a physical and hand-on energy which is good for all kinds of practical tasks as well as getting up close and personal with special people in our lives.

The phoenix – one of the traditional symbols for Scorpio


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