Have an adventure this weekend!

Friday, and the weekend is coming, and to get us in the mood we have Sun making an opposition to Neptune today – all that earnest, hard-working Virgo energy that wants to get things done, get them sorted out, neat and ordered is facing dreamy, vague and poetic Neptune. It could well be that you come across people today who just can’t seem to get it together and do what needs to be done – if so you’re really tuning into that Virgo energy, try not to get impatient, this vagueness and unreliability won’t last forever. Or you might come across people who seem to be demanding things from you that are just too boring and pedantic for you to be really interested in – in which case you are tuning into that Neptune energy and really it might be a good idea to try to get some of those Virgo jobs done while the Sun is helping you along!

In either case the weekend could provide a nice respite and allow you to indulge your more dreamy, artistic side, or just get down to it and get the place tidied up without having to rely on anyone else.

This poetic, mystical quality is given an extra boost of adventurous energy tomorrow evening and Sunday morning as Mars, now in Scorpio, trines Neptune. This is a fantastic weekend for having adventures on the high seas, or just messing around in a boat on a lake or going for a swim. It boosts the imagination too – if it’s raining (with an active Neptune it might well rain) you’ll enjoy getting engrossed in an exciting novel or film, undertaking a bit of arm chair travel or even doing some research on your favourite subject.

Swallows and Amazons, the ideal book for the weekend.

Or you could try Treasure Island:



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