Thor’s Hammer – a powerful energy to contend with

The Moon has just managed to work her way through the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto and is making her way towards an opposition to Venus setting off a slightly different cardinal t-square involving Saturn – emotionally things may be a little draining for the next day or so and bring hints of a stronger challenge to come when Venus squares Saturn at the beginning of September.

In the meantime there is another very interesting and potentially powerful energy at work at the moment – and one backed by a couple of interesting stories so I thought it worth looking at in greater detail. This energy is called a Thor’s Hammer, sometimes ‘God’s fist’ and is similar in appearance to the yod or ‘finger of God’ that I have mentioned before. The energy of Thor’s Hammer is somewhat more ‘in your face’ than the yod though and more likely to achieve sudden, violent change or shifts.

Thor’s hammer.gif

The current Thor’s Hammer (shown by the thick light green lines in the chart linked above) is picking up on the one that was apparent back at the New Moon which was opposite the centre of that square Between Uranus and Pluto and so was aspecting each planet with a rather difficult 135˚ angle 3/8 of a circle, it repeats the dynamic and creative energy of the squares, but because it has a clear focus with the planet at the apex can cut through and break down like nothing else – a bit like the Tower card in the Tarot.

Now, instead of the New Moon being at the apex of the Hammer it is Mercury there and what is more Mercury is flanked by Urania and Sophia and opposing Nessus – this makes a kind of narrow kite shape which, like other kite shapes can indicate a means of rising above a situation, or making use of the energy in order to fly high (see the yellow lines on the chart too). But with the very dynamic and vigorous energy of Thor’s Hammer involved it can be like trying to fly a kite in a gale – a bit chaotic and not always successful. Altogether this indicates some powerful dynamics involved with understanding and exposing behaviour which is abusive or which takes for granted in some way. To better understand just how this is working it is worth looking at all the different aspects of the Thor’s Hammer and associated kite.

First of all we have Mercury, the messenger of the gods, in Leo. Mercury here picks up on some of the attributes of Leo making him more confident, persistent, dignified and kind hearted. He has much will-power and passion and wants to use these for the best – which can make him a bit over-bearing at times, but he means well. Flanked by the two goddesses most associated with understanding – Urania the muse of astronomy and astrology, famed for her creative grasp of mathematics and geometry and able to see the patterns that influence the future of mankind. And Sophia, goddess of wisdom, the compassionate and faithful bringer of soul to the world.

Nessus is a Centaur who has done some pretty low things – he has a penchant for trying to rape women who put their trust in him, not keeping his word and bearing grudges which play out in the innocent behaviours of others. All this because somewhere down the line he was denied something that would make him feel satisfied and fulfilled – he was considered deformed as a centaur and that embittered him, and he saw many of his brothers killed in the battle with the Lapiths (the non-deformed cousins of the Centaurs) and then later by Heracles after Pholus opened some wine driving the centaurs into a frenzy and leading Heracles to shoot them with poison arrows in the event that lead to the death of Pholus and the permanent wounding of Chiron. Astrologically Nessus is thought to represent ongoing situations of abuse, frustrated desire and even karmic or generational destructive patterns that need to be broken.

Abduction of Deianira by Nessus

It looks very much like Nessus’s traits have become very apparent to Mercury, with the help of Urania and Sophia and now Mercury is handed Thor’s Hammer with which to bring about some kind of change. This change brings in the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto and so is again indicative of long term patterns being overthrown.

The myth of Thor’s Hammer also has repeating themes of deception and betrayal again reinforcing a sense that there is an energy in the air that can see what is going on and isn’t prepared to put up with it anymore. In the myth Loki, the trickster, sneaks into Thor’s home and cuts off his wife’s hair while Thor is away hunting. On his return Thor is furious and determined to know who had done this thing – he finds a sandal under his bed and recognises it as Loki’s, so he knows that it was Loki who was responsible. Thor hunts down Loki and begins to beat him. Loki swears he is sorry and promises to repay Thor with a special present and his wife with a head of hair even lovelier than before. Thor lets Loki go so that he can fulfil his promise and Loki heads off for the land where the dwarves make wonderful things crafted with gold.

Loki as depicted on an 18th Century Icelandic manuscript

Once he reached this place he persuaded the dwarves to make a new head of hair from spun gold for Thor’s wife in return for being their servant for the rest of his life. The dwarves agreed and made the hair and also, as was the custom, made a special present of a spear for the chief god, Odin who was also Thor’s father. Loki offered to deliver the spear and the hair knowing this was his only hope for escape. The dwarves allowed him to go, however on his way out he remembered he hadn’t got the promised present for Thor. Afraid to go back to the dwarves and afraid to go on to Thor without the present Loki approached some other dwarves and bet with them that they could not make anything as beautiful as the presents he had. Well, dwarves are a competitive race and these other dwarves agreed to the challenge forging a golden boar, a ring that would give birth to more rings and, as was the custom, a special present of a hammer for Odin. Loki took all these gifts and delivered the boar, the ring and the hair to Thor’s wife. He also gave the hammer intended for Odin to Thor and then went on to deliver the spear to Odin.

Which left Thor in possession of a very powerful gift intended only for the use of the chief god. This meant that Thor had a weapon that matched those of his father, Odin, and so put him on an equal footing with him. It is a dangerous gift, whenever it is used it sparks lightning and its power can easily rebound on the user if not careful. Furthermore, it never fails to hit its mark and can be deadly in its accuracy, those who use it are advised to protect themselves from its force.

Medieval Thor’s Hammer charm

So, this is the kind of energy that is at work at the moment – a potentially destructive force, wielded with the best of intentions, intended to expose the deceptions of others but maybe just a little out of control.  Linking back to yesterday’s post about sexual politics, it seems this Thor’s Hammer energy is involved in that at the moment too, really driving into the open the deceit and double standards of the Nessus energy and using its best efforts to bring it down. On which note – a link that shows the creative nature of this energy at work – dedicated to all American Women:


More on the astrology and myth behind Thor’s Hammer here:


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