Take some time for gardening (or talking)

Wednesday evening in the UK sees things get a little intense as first the Sun heads into a trine with Pluto and then Mercury sextiles Saturn.

The Sun and Pluto are in the earthy signs of Virgo and Capricorn – if you are into gardening this is a great time to get rid of some of the overgrowth and undergrowth, tidying things up so that plants can make the most of the changing season – in the northern hemisphere this will help prolong their life and beauty for a little while yet. In the southern hemisphere it sets them up nicely for a springtime boost of growth.

Clearing the undergrowth

In other areas it is a time when the Sun in the perfectionist sign of Virgo can see all the flaws and problems she is surrounded by and wants to do something about them. Meanwhile Pluto, ferreting around in Capricorn isn’t going to put up with any kinds of authority that aren’t fit for purpose – whether this is at home or in the wider world. Together these two are pushing for changes and there may well be lots of conversations, discussions and actions that demand things be different. The trine means the energy flows easily, but if there is any stored tension in the situation then the energy isn’t blocked from bursting out violently in the form of angry outbursts or accidents (be careful with those gardening tools).

Within two hours of that Sun trine to Pluto becoming exact Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn. Interesting connections here as Mercury rules the sign that the Sun is in and Saturn rules the sign that Pluto is in – so these four energies are all working together. Mercury brings more talk, communication about responsibility in relationships – what do we do to make this work between us? Is anyone shirking their responsibilities? Mercury is not about to back down at the moment, he will keep on pressing his point until he feels heard. Thankfully it is again a flowing aspect, the sextile indicates that conversations should be productive rather than confrontational.

Saturn was considered the god of agriculture – with a nice aspect to Mercury this could be a good time to talk to your plants!

All this seems to be following the themes of the past few days but with a slight easing of tension and the doors now opened to some productive communication and greater understanding and sets the scene for the Full Moon on the 31st about which more soon, but so you get an idea of where we are heading – the Sabian symbol for the full moon is:


KEYNOTE: Intense mobilization of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit.

Since the end of the archaic ages and the stressing of individualism, especially in our modern society which worships the material images of “success,” the desire to win any kind of “race” engenders an often-feverish release of energy controlled by technical skill and long practice. Wherever this symbol is found, it indicates the need to spur one’s total being toward speedy attainment of whatever goal it may be.

This is the fourth symbol in the sixty-eighth series; its technical significance is quite evident. Every superfluous “weight,” every unnecessary consideration is to be dismissed in the one-pointed attempt to reach one’s social goal. SELF-QUICKENING may be the Keyword.

So perhaps with the increased understandings we have gained from Mercury’s connection to Urania and Sophia, and the hopefully productive conversations and activities to come – and maybe just a little battering down obstacles with Thor’s hammer the full moon sees a route to our success and towards which we will be able to race.



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