Blue Moon

The full moon tomorrow, 31st August is a blue moon – called that because it’s the second full moon of the month, and usually there is only one full moon per month. So tomorrow you get to do things you can only do once in a blue moon!

This full Moon is in Pisces and in close conjunction to Chiron indicating light shed on old wounds with an opportunity for healing. What is more the Moon is jointly ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and at the time she is fullest she is leaving a conjunction to Neptune and just entering into a square to Jupiter. This is challenging again and repeats the themes we are seeing played out through Chiron’s earlier challenge to Jupiter. This full moon sees the culmination of recent discussions or thoughts around how we can more effectively meet our personal spiritual needs on a social level. For those of you who have been having tense discussions around commitment and responsibility this moon could bring a very emotionally charged atmosphere. For those of you who have experienced a less stressful and maybe more creative time than the moon can see a culmination of your efforts.

In mundane terms (that is for the world at large rather than for us as individuals) the full moon should see more light shed on issues to do with sexual politics that I mentioned here:

Maybe Pussy Riot hit the headlines again, or the Scottish Catholic church revisit the gay marriage issue – this moon is by no means an end to the matter, but we start to see more clearly the issues at stake and what we want to do about them. It presages a challenge to the status quo with that square to Jupiter. Adding to the stressful or challenging nature of the Moon is that the Sun’s ruler is square to Lilith who is conjunct the South Node of the Moon – we hear more news about past hurts and injustices, stuff that we really can’t afford to ignore.


Looking at the Sabian symbols we have the Sun at 9˚Virgo:



KEYNOTE: The urge to express one’s individualized sense of value regardless of tradition.

At this stage the individual is seen reacting against cultural standards and stereotyped ways of interpreting his perceptions. This is a statement of uncompromising self-reliance, which may even imply a kind of defiance and a challenge to society. The mind is seeking to discover the character of the basic and true foundation of individual selfhood, the AUM tone (or logos) of individual being. In the process, however, what is expressed is usually the reflection of a deep catharsis with emotionally charged and often tragic overtones.

This fourth stage symbol brings to us the hint of a technique of transformation of the personality. What predominates is a sense of inner conflict and an over-selfconscious attempt at “being oneself.” But there is a great difference between being an origin of development pregnant with futurity, and deliberately sought for ORIGINALITY.

Southern Moon with Following Star, Chuck Larivey

Meanwhile the Moon is at 9˚ Pisces:



KEYNOTE: Intense mobilization of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit.

Since the end of the archaic ages and the stressing of individualism, especially in our American society which worships the material images of “success,” the desire to win any kind of “race” engenders an often-feverish release of energy controlled by technical skill and long practice. Wherever this symbol is found, it indicates the need to spur one’s total being toward speedy attainment of whatever goal it may be.

This is the fourth symbol in the sixty-eighth series; its technical significance is quite evident. Every superfluous “weight,” every unnecessary consideration is to be dismissed in the one-pointed attempt to reach one’s social goal. SELF-QUICKENING may be the Keyword.


So, we have a competitive, self interested tone to a moon that is raising issues to do with making the personal political, identifying and challenging injustice and questioning the status quo and complacently held beliefs. It could go one of two ways – the selfishness wins out and we just focus on what makes us feel good regardless of the impact upon others or we channel our talents to achieve some balancing and healing on a wider scale – understanding our own unique contribution to a greater social or community good, even if that means challenging and questioning.




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