Head for the hills!

The beginning of the weeks sees some interesting energies at work – well, I say interesting, in truth for some of us they could be quite difficult, or extremely revealing – depending on what is going on in your life.

The first is Venus squaring up to Saturn, a tough aspect when it comes to trying to have an easy and pleasant time. It can be challenging for relationships as Saturn dampens down Venus’s natural optimism and joyfulness. It casts a shadow on loving relationships tending to cool expressions of affection. On the other hand, at its root it’s an aspect that is looking for stability, for certainty, for a sense that these feelings of love, affection, friendliness and so on are actually based on something substantial and meaningful – it wants reassurance that they aren’t going to change.

This is part of the ongoing conversation between Venus and Saturn that has been encouraging us to think about what is important to us in relationships while Saturn has been in Venus ruled Libra. It’s all about taking a more responsible approach to relationships, learning what is necessary for us and what we can do without. This conversation became particularly noticeable over late spring and summer. This square aspect is challenging but the insights gained can be very helpful – and just before Saturn leaves Libra Venus makes a more flowing and easier sextile aspect to Saturn indicating a positive outcome.

At the same time as this is going on we have Mars moving into a sextile aspect with Pluto – these two energies working together can be incredibly constructive, can see to the root of issues and find ways of addressing them. With the Venus square to Saturn it could mean that feelings about not being able to express yourself in relationships leads instead to putting energy into physical and constructive activities. In fact this could be a great way to deal with the energy at the beginning of the week. Maybe head for the hills, or the mountains if at all possible – a walk in beautiful stony scenery (maybe even just in your imagination) will help soothe any tensions and be a great way to tune into the constructive side of these aspects.


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