Messages from Mercury

Still more aspects coming up to be aware of and make the most of over the next couple of days, these involve Mercury who’s doing his job as messenger of the gods and bringing news for Pluto, Chiron and Mars. Of course Mercury is just coming out of his encounter with Neptune and so probably still has a head full of dreams and plans and poetry. Now, however he is coming into contact with the much more earthy and grounded energy of Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is also in an earthy sign, his own home sign of Virgo, so he is likely to enjoy this energy, it will help him see more clearly how to put his plans into action.

Almost as soon as Mercury trines Pluto he opposes Chiron. Chiron and Mercury are both associated with teaching and here we get an opportunity to see what lessons it is Chiron is wanting to teach – he is now at the degree where Venus entered her shadow earlier in the year and will soon be on the degree where Jupiter entered his shadow. Chiron insists that we must match up our social structures and beliefs with our deepest spiritual needs and here he reminds Mercury that this is the message that must be spread.

Following the encounter with Chiron Mercury goes on to sextile Mars in Pluto ruled Scorpio – the conversations are deep and far reaching, but not confrontational. It’s a great time to do some research, to do detailed writing or work on complex communications as the energies are good for clearly expressing difficult ideas. Mercury in Virgo is also confident and comfortable enough to add a light touch, so things don’t get too heavy. Meetings should go well and reach decisions, the underlying factors are understood – and chances are resolutions made with others now understand well the energies of the times and will achieve the desired ends.


More on the ongoing story of the retrogrades here:


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