Kick up your heels!

Today sees Venus, queen of the skies of laughter and love, move into Leo – home of the King of the Jungle! This is a very different energy from Venus in Cancer where she has been concerned with being a domestic goddess. Venus in Leo loves glamour, attention, parties. Shoes and shopping are delights to her, but for all she’s a diva she’s not the neurotic type – a show off maybe but with her feet on the ground and a heart of gold.

Lauren Bacall has her Venus in Leo

This is the kind of energy Venus brings to us now, a generally uplifted, more confident and outgoing mood. Anyone with strong Leo, Libra or Taurus placements will feel this especially strongly but all of us will benefit from the uplift in mood somehow. This lift in mood is also helped by Venus moving away from that rather dampening effect of Saturn; she feels she’s paid her dues and been responsible, now she just wants to kick up her heels a bit and enjoy life. The freshness of the Leo energy marks a good time for all of us to do the same – even if it’s just in a half hour lunch break find some time to indulge, to pamper, to treat yourself as though you are Hollywood royalty – and that goes for men as well as women – we can all do with a little indulgence from time to time.

Paul Muni also has Venus in Leo

Where I’m writing from the weather is forecast to be too good to stay inside watching films – far better to get out and about and flaunt yourself in true Venus in Leo style. But should you want to settle down and watch a movie later on you could try Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in ‘To Have and Have Not’ or, if you want something a bit more hardhitting have a look at Paul Muni in the 1932 original of ‘Scarface’ – both opportunities to see Venus in Leo at work.


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