Mercury superior conjunction

Do you remember back at the end of July, the weekend of the 28th (the first weekend of the Olympics in fact)? Do you remember what happened? Anything of significance? The 28th July was the day of the inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun – Mercury was going backwards and maybe causing a bit of confusing and raking up stuff from the past, and he passed between the Sun and the Earth.


Today sees the opposite event and the occasion which is supposed to mark an end to the things that Mercury raised during his last retrograde phase because today Mercury is going forwards and passes us on the other side of the Sun, with the Sun between Earth and Mercury – the superior conjunction.

In many ways this cycle can be likened to the cycle of the Moon with the inferior conjunction ushering in the new, the seeds that are sown and that grow to fruition until they reach the superior conjunction. The superior conjunction is more like a full moon with the seeds that were sown showing their true form and nature. The difference is that the Moon usually shows events and issues more connected to our feeling, our emotions while Mercury shows events and occurrences more connected to our thoughts, our intellect, news and messages – all things Mercurial.

Interesting that the Olympics and Paralympics all fell within the ‘waxing’ phase as Mercury moved from the inferior to the superior conjunction – and now in the waning phase we get to see if the legacy really has taken root and will last beyond the summer.


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