Magnetic? Electric? Attractive? Deeply excitable.

Anyone who enjoys the arts, stimulating company and maybe, just maybe that instant flash of recognition and attraction as your eyes meet across a crowded room – then now is a good time!

We have an excitable Venus in Leo making a trine to Uranus a planet which always manages to light her up. That trine becomes exact tomorrow but today the Moon moves in to meet up with Venus and get things going. It’s the kind of aspect that could make you fall in love with a new bag or pair of shoes, or a new gadget or music. Watch out for that one as Venus in Leo is easily parted from her money and Uranus will make it happen before you’ve even had time to think about it! It is a lovely and exciting aspect, everything feels more alive somehow – with the moon there everything could also be more emotional and demonstrative than usual.

A magnetic attraction?

A little word of caution around this happy energy – Venus is also locked into a yod formation with Pluto and Chiron, that’s some pretty heavy energy bearing down upon her. It’s not necessarily bad, but it is probably much deeper and more intense than our Leo Venus wants to deal with right now – she’d much rather get on with those lovely vibes from Uranus. That yod won’t go away though and she needs to understand it before she can really get the most from Uranus.

Yods are a triangular formation between planets with two planets sextile to one another (60˚ apart), in this case Pluto and Chiron, and another planet opposite the midway point between the two (in this case Venus)making a long pointy triangular shape which is also known as the finger of God. Yods can work in two ways – the planets in sextile can form a strong base and direct energy to the apex planet so that the apex planet really gets a boost and grows from this influence. On the other hand the apex planet may push energy out towards the base planets, forcing its energy onto them only to find that it is bounced back – when this happens we find we have been projecting unrealistic expectations onto people and things. So with Pluto demanding hard work and responsibility and Chiron showing up where we need to pay more attention to our spiritual, poetic side Venus in Leo is faced with two choices;  either she tells those guys to lighten up and ignores what they have to say (in which case she might find herself coming down to earth with a bump before too long) or she listens to them and makes sure that however she decides to enjoy herself over the next couple of days it doesn’t stop her working hard, taking responsibility and seeing the bigger picture, maybe spending some of her hard earned cash on a copy of Big Issue, or spending money in a fair trade shop for instance.

Chart showing the Venus yod in play at the moment

At the same time as Venus, planet of pleasure and delight, is in the middle of these aspects there are a couple of other interesting get togethers going on at the moment. First of all Sappho, Urania and Orcus are all clustered at the beginning of Virgo – it’s an interesting combination because of the complementary nature of these three energies. Sappho is poetic, gentle, loving while Urania is intelligent, far seeing and has clarity. Together these two could indicate poetic insights and expression that was both clear and caring. Add to these the energy of Orcus which I always think of as indicating the ‘song of the deep’ something like a Whale’s song (Orcus is named after the Roman god of the Underworld and also links to Orca, killer whale, or Roman ‘demon from Hell’). Plus this little collection is in opposition to Neptune. Altogether it looks like something is getting dredged up from the deep and giving rise to communications that are to the point but also gentle and caring. It is poetic and musical too, so we might find music gets to us more than usual at the moment.

Orca, to the Roman a ‘demon from Hell’ although in actual fact they tend to be pretty friendly to humans.

In addition to this there is a very close conjunction of the North Node, Juno, Eros and Terpsichore at the end of Scorpio. North Node indicates future karma, Juno is often considered an indicator of marriage or commitment, Eros indicates desire and Terpsichore is the muse of dancing. Put these together and it looks like some fun is being had – dancing and desire together look like a good night out to me!

Now putting all of these together – the strong energies Venus is feeling, the poetic insights dredged up by Orcus and the delight in dancing being felt by Juno and Eros who have found their true path (North Node) then it looks like anyone involved in the arts or creative work at the moment should be having a pretty useful and creative time. What is more, I can’t help but think that if you are looking for that special someone the you could do a lot worse than to get out dancing, go to a poetry recital or a concert. Enjoy!


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