Time for a new beginning

This weekend is great for finishing up old business and starting something new, whether it be a new job, relationship, home or attitude the planets are lining up to give it an extra boost and get it off to a flying start.

Get off to a flying start this weekend

First of all, tomorrow at 02:10am GMT we have a new moon in Virgo, and it’s not just any old new moon, this one falls on the Mars stationary retrograde degree. This is highly symbolic of finishing off any lingering issues left from Mars’s long sojourn in Virgo earlier in the year. Any frustrations, disappointments or setbacks faced then, especially in January and February should by now be well enough out of the way to begin something entirely different. It’s like the ground has been cleared and made ready for something more productive – so set to it!

The Sabian symbol is wonderfully symbolic, showing the best kind of attitude to adopt this weekend – a hopeful innocence and belief that everything is going to work out well:


KEYNOTE: The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being as one meets the many tests of existence.

Coming after the preceding symbols this one tells us that, though great, spectacular and resolute efforts are needed in order to achieve one’s higher goals of destiny, still the essential quality as one journeys on “the Path” is a pure, spontaneous, fresh and nonviolent approach to all encounters. This of course is Jesus’ entreaty to his disciples — that they should be like “little children.” Without such a deep, heartfelt simplicity the seeker after spiritual experiences or Initiation is bound to find himself glamorized by his own successes, and to see his ego feeding on the drama of struggle and victory.

This is the fourth stage of the thirty-fifth five-fold sequence and it presents us with a subtle hint of technique. Beyond individual prowess and social eminence, the individual whose innocence is fixed upon spiritual realization should genuinely radiate INNOCENCE.

I guess the dog must be called Mary…

Meanwhile Mercury is heading over the final degrees of Virgo and into Libra – make sure details are sorted out, contracts are clear and understood and that any outstanding paperwork is done – once Mercury gets into Libra he’s going to be far more interested in being charming than looking at details. Mercury in Libra marks a shift in tone of communications, becoming less picky and precise and more charming, friendly and cooperative. Mercury in Libra enjoys cultured activities and conversations – he loves a good discussion but does not want to stick around for any heated arguments or confrontations. This is the mood he is in for the next two and half weeks – which could be a very good thing as later on next week we run into the choppy waters of the cardinal t-square, I’ll write more about that in my next post.

Here’s a nice New Moon write up from Darkstar astrology:



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