Increasing tensions

There is a lot of talk in astrological circles at the moment about the coming full moon in Aries – it is causing excitement because it is setting off the cardinal square so strongly which can bring to the fore all those rumbling tensions and discontents that the cardinal square shows us, allowing them to erupt in explosive, shocking and potentially traumatic ways. It is a full moon though, so this energy hasn’t just appeared out of nowhere, it is the culmination of what has gone before, so for all its potential to shock and traumatise what it brings is not altogether unexpected.

In some ways we can trace the origin of things culminating at this full moon back to April 2010 when there was a new moon in Aries which was not completed by a full moon in Libra – it is what I call a ‘hanging moon’ as seeds sown then can have a very long reach indeed. That full moon held hints of things to come, with the loose square between Pluto and Uranus being activated by Saturn at critical degree of Virgo, forming a t-square. At the apex of the t-square was Pluto conjunct Ceres. This aspect pattern is strongly suggestive of power struggles and challenges to authority coming from the harvest sign of Virgo and the harvest goddess Ceres. That was a spring new moon, now we have an autumn full moon and we get to reap what we have sown.

Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture – she indicates the harvest from what we have sown. At the coming full moon she will be trine Saturn, supporting a more responsible approach to how we manage our resources – maybe not just earthly resources but financial ones too.

For many of us we won’t remember what on earth we were doing back in April 2010 but we can still be aware of this time as part of an unfolding theme. It’s worth taking a look at the aspects leading up to this full moon and then checking them against their positions at the time the full moon becomes exact.

First of all we have Pluto turning direct (forwards) today and heading straight into that cardinal square with Uranus. This immediately brings to the fore the matters that the full moon is concerned with. Following so soon after the recent new moon in Virgo it indicates a determination to see things through, no backing out, whatever is troubling or causing tension has to be faced and dealt with.

We then have Mercury moving through the t-square aspect with these two big hitters. As messenger of the gods Mercury will want to talk things through, will bring news and will carry back responses. He’s caught up in a tense square so his job isn’t going to be very easy, but at least he’s in diplomatic Libra, so that should help a little.

Meanwhile, in what looks like a development that is not concerned with the antics of Uranus and Pluto, Jupiter, head god, meets Venus for a tryst – a nice sextile. But let’s not forget that Jupiter is now conjunct Chaos and about to turn retrograde. Back in April 2010 he was involved in the action by opposing Saturn and moving into a conjunction with Uranus – chief god decides that responsibility is not the way forwards, instead he thinks the best thing is to look for the new, exciting and surprising. That conjunction became exact in the first degree of Aries, indicating that the changes ushered in by Jupiter and Uranus back in 2010 were essentially motivated by self-interest.

Anyway, to get back to the here and now, Jupiter and Venus are cosying up together, thinking they are safely out of the way of all the action but in actual fact, just as their sextile becomes exact they are within orb of the light of the moon – caught in the act!

Jupiter with Juno, his marriage partner – Jupiter was renowned for being unfaithful, causing Juno much pain. It looks like he’s up to his old tricks, having a tryst with Venus at the moment. But he’d best be careful, he’s got chaos waiting for him and Nemesis on his tails!

Not long after this the Sun crosses over the critical degree of Virgo where responsible Saturn was back in 2010. The Sun, then, highlights a responsible, steady (maybe boring) course of action which was rejected back then – we start to wonder whether we made the right decisions. The Sun then moving into Libra tries to soothe things, achieve some balance. It looks like lots of talking, messages, news as Mercury then moves into a trine with Jupiter but all the while tensions are increasing and it really looks like the proverbial sh*t is going to hit the fan! Looking at the chart for the Mercury trine Jupiter is interesting – two interlocking Thor’s hammers – one from Venus acting on the Uranus and Pluto square and one from Uranus acting on a strengthening square between Mars and Venus. Add to that the Moon moving to form a powerful fixed t-square with Venus and Mars and this is chart full of tension, anger, determination.

Plus we have asteroid Nemesis opposing Jupiter and Chaos; since the Virgo new moon she has been moving through the conjunction of Ixion and Pholus, seeing some of the nasty deals that have been done behind the scenes and is determined to bring down the culprits. This Mercury trine Jupiter brings something unpleasant into the light of day and the anger and desire for revenge is palpable.

Nemesis brings what is due – another indicator that we reap what we sow, and now is the time for harvest. Nemesis is now opposite The Venus transit degree and highlighting the betrayals wrought by Ixion and Pholus. Wrongs come to light and will be balanced.

The next aspect is the square between Venus and Mars becoming exact – relationships are strained. This happens at 23˚ Leo and Scorpio – 23˚ has been a significant point of the Mars and Venus retrogrades – but for them it was in flexible, mutable signs. Now it is fixed signs, this time the two parties refuse to give, enough is enough. And the aspect becomes exact just after the Moon, still in t-square formation to the two, moves over Neptune. Illusions exposed, unrealistic dreams come crashing down – what we are left with is the reality of the situation, no more spin or smoke and mirrors.

In the tarot the Tower indicates times when things that were built on unstable foundations and shifting ground are tumbled. This happens as the result of a shock or a bolt out of the blue – all that is left is whatever was strong and meaningful and real, all else is destroyed.

This sets the scene for the Sun to make exact aspects to Uranus (an opposition) and then Pluto (a square), triggering the action, violent eruptions and shocks of the cardinal square, culminating in the full moon.

We are in for a bumpy ride, that’s for sure – anything we have been making do with, putting up with, turning a blind eye to is about to come forth with avengeance. If it is useless it will be smashed to smithereens. If it is worth salvaging you will need to be prepared to put in the hard work. If it is useful and strong it will remain.

I am particularly fascinated by the tie-ins to the UK politics, to the new government being voted in back in May 2010. The involvement of Venus and Jupiter suggests resources – banks. The involvement of Mars and Venus suggests relationships. The involvement of Mercury suggests news and exposès…



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