A balancing act.

Well, we are past Mercury moving through that cardinal t-square and I hope it didn’t cause too many frictions or other issues in communications with your loved ones and at the same time if there were things that needed to be said I hope you managed to get them said, and in a nice, diplomatic sort of way too.

Nemesis & Tyche, Athenian amphora
C5th B.C., Antikensammlung, Berlin

We are also through the Venus Jupiter sextile although the Moon continues to shed some light on that. All will be well for those who’ve been cosying up with nothing to hide, no secrets to keep, but the Moon will shine a light on lies and deceit. The Moon conjunct Nemesis opposing Jupiter conjunct Chaos indicates a time of reckoning or balancing, where we will want to, or be made to, or see others account for wrongs they have done, actions that have caused upset. Don’t expect this to happen all at once though, evidence is being collected, things are being thought through, but when the time comes Justice acts swiftly and returns balance.

Scales of Justice outside the Old Bailey, London

Then tomorrow, phew, Sun into Libra, a nice calming energy starts to take over, we want to enjoy being pleasant and cultured with one another, appreciating what is beautiful, what brings us balance, what calms us. This move into Libra reinforces the balancing suggested by today’s Moon/Nemesis to Jupiter/Chaos opposition but in a slightly calmer kind of way; at least for a little while, until the Sun starts to pick up the intense vibes coming from Uranus and Pluto. Make the most of a little oasis of calm this weekend, soaking up the new Libra mood before the action picks up again next week.


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